Blackboard FAQ for Students

Do I need a computer? You need access to a computer. It is best if you do have your own personal computer with Internet access. However, for those that may not have a computer, computers

Blackboard Online Orientation

Welcome to Paul D. Camp Community College's Online Distance Education Orientation! The Blackboard Online Orientation (BOO) process can take as long as 45 minutes to complete, as each module has a small questionnaire at the end that

Blackboard Help

For questions related to specific content in your online course, or course related questions, please contact your instructor. If you need a test or assignment reset, please contact your instructor. We cannot perform such a

College Catalog: Student Development Services

Student Development Services at Paul D. Camp Community College provides essential services in support of the academic mission of the College. Our goal is to contribute significantly and directly to students’ education and development. Student

Who Do I Talk To If I Need Help?

Who can help you depends upon the problem.  If you are having trouble succeeding in a class, talk to your teacher first.  Your instructor can’t help you unless he or she knows a problem exists. 

How Do I Become A Dual Enrollment Student?

Step 1: Obtain and Prove Consent First, you need the consent of your parent or guardian, and of your school. To prove you have those, complete the DE Consent Form. Be sure you have the

College Catalog: Student Development Services: Tutoring

Tutoring is available through the Student Support Services Program and through SMARTHINKING, an online tutoring service through which students can receive tutoring in math, science, English composition, and other subjects. SMARTHINKING is free for enrolled