Student Success Rates

This Office of Assessment and Research provides data on student success such as retention rates, course completion rates, graduation rates, and transfer rates. Some of the data is provided to meet state and federal mandates. The data assists the administration and faculty to identify outcome areas of success and in making decisions on areas that need additional strategies to improve performance.

Retention Rates by Program

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Course Completion Success Rates

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Graduation Rates by Institution

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Chronicle of Higher Ed Completion Data

IPEDS Graduation Rates by Sex and Gender
IPEDS Graduation Rates (2013-14)
IPEDS Graduation Rates (2012-13)
IPEDS Graduation Rates (2011-12)
IPEDS Graduation Rates (2010-11)
IPEDS Graduation Rates (2009-10)

SCHEV VA Longitudinal Data Source (VLDS)
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