2011-12 Goals

PDCCC and Chancellor’s Goals Supporting Achieve 2015
July 2011 through June 2012


To contribute to the economic and civic vitality of the commonwealth and its international competitiveness, Virginia’s Community Colleges commit to increasing access to affordable education and training for more individuals so they acquire the knowledge and skills to be successful in an ever-changing global economy.


Increase the number of individuals who are educated and trained by Virginia’s Community Colleges by 50,000 to an annual total of 423,000, with emphasis on increasing the number from underserved populations by at least 25,000 individuals.

1. Increase Enrollment from Underserved Populations
Increase enrollment from underserved populations by 3% over 2010-11.

Planned PDCCC Actions (Academic and Student Development)

  • A list of all service area fairs, festivals, and community activities will be developed by the Enrollment Management Team (EMT) so that PDCCC can better recruit and market its services. A minimum of 5- 15 activities will be attended by PDCCC personnel and a record kept of the potential enrollees.  Twenty-five festivals and community activities were attended by faculty and staff between 7/2011-4/2012.  Follow-ups were conducted as needed.
  • Share Guaranteed Admission Agreements (GAA) and Articulation Agreements during the SDV classes and New Student Orientation (NSO). Also share same information before giving the placement test to High School students. Current transfer majors will receive the same information during workshops at Student Activity Hour. Records will be kept of the number of students attending each session.
    • During the time period of Fall 2011 through Spring 2012, GAA information was disseminated to 1,097 students.  This total includes those enrolled in SDV classes and those who enrolled in SDV classes and those who attended Student Activities.
  • PDCCC will again be a member of Achieving the Dream and support the shared mission of helping Under-Represented Populations (URP).
    • As reported by the VCCS, 88% of our student population are considered Under-Represented Population.  In order to better serve those students, three interventions were implemented or are in process.  These interventions are: (1) tutoring, (2) VA Education Wizard; and (3) Developmental Math and English Redesign.
    • Tutoring completion rate from Fall 2010 to Fall 2011 has increased by 3% and the awareness of tutoring services has increased from 2008-09 to 2011-12 by 6%.  Based on these increases, providing tutoring services has had a positive impact on student success.
    • VA Education Wizard has been used as an instrument to assist students in Career and Educational planning.  There is a 19% increase of profiles that were created from the time periods of January 2010-December 2010 to January 2011 to December 2011.
    • Data is still being collected in regard to the outcome of the Math Redesign that was implemented beginning Fall 2012.  The implementation of English Redesign is scheduled to being Spring 2013.
  • Continue Virginian Tidewater Consortium for Higher Education grant for URP, particularly young Afro-American males.
    • Daryl Savage provides services and mentoring to this targeted population.
    • Numbers of males served is 875.
  • Enrollment Management Team
    • Increase retention rate 71% to 73%.  Retention rate = Fall curriculum students retained to Spring.
      • The fall 2011 to spring 2012 curriculum retention rate was 74% compared to 71% for fall 2010 to spring 2011.
    • Continue emphasis on Financial Aid applications and information
      • Increased applications in 2011-2012 by 8% over 2010-2011.
  • ODU – implement collaboration with Old Dominion University to offer the following four year degrees through Distance Learning
    • Bachelor of Science – Criminal Justice
    • Bachelor of Science – Criminal Justice-Police Science
    • Bachelor of Science – Electrical Engineering Technology
    • Bachelor of Science – Nursing

Completed— marketing and admissions collaboration has begun.

  • Shared Services Distance Learning (SSDL) – Implement SSDL collaboration with Northern Virginia Community College – goal of 50 students enrolled.
    • Fall – 29 students; Spring (as of 12/13) – 54 students; as of 1/4/2012 – 68 students registered.
    • Progressing well.

 Planned PDCCC Actions (Institutional Advancement)

  • Increase Marketing following recommendations of Enrollment Management Team within budget resources.
    • We have concluded the creative development for the planned 2012-2013 marketing and advertising plan. Working with BreakThru Consulting, we have created a campaign with the theme “I Am Able.” The marketing campaign will be launched in July 2012 and will include: direct mail, Facebook, web, print, and other advertising activities.
  • Expand college advertising to include tile ads on two newspaper websites (beginning Fall Semester 2011).
    • Completed. Ads have been run in Suffolk News Herald and Tidewater News webpages.
  • Create and implement a new television/cable ad (by end of Fall Semester 2011).
    • Advertisements supporting Summer registration for PDCCC were run in the Franklin, Southampton, Suffolk and Isle of Wight markets, working with Prime Media consultants.
  • Redesign Web Site and launch by February 2012.
    • Both an updated PDCCC website, as well as a new PDCCC Facebook, was launched in FY 2011-2012. The launch of these sites has been extremely well-received. To date, following are key statistics re: these two important promotion and community engagement tools:
    • www.pdc.edu
      • Page visitors: 33604
        • Unique vistors: 14,318
      • Pageviews: 102,290
        • Unique pageviews: 73,354
      • All metrics show increases for the May 2, 2012 – June2, 2012 period.
    • www.facebook.com/PDCCC
      • Total Like: 135
      • Friends of Fans: 40,273
      • People talking about: 82
      • All metrics show increases for the May 2, 2012 – June2, 2012 period.

Planned PDCCC Actions (Workforce)

  • By October 1, 2011, design and schedule two community art and discussion events to be held at the Regional Workforce Development Center.  Complete program delivery by June 30, 2012.
    • Partnered with the Suffolk Center for the Cultural Arts to complete (1) cultural awareness session for middle and high school students regarding the History of Drumming from Africa to New Orleans

2. Educational Programs
Annually develop 10 new academic programs (degree, certificate, or career studies certificate) that respond to emerging, critical workforce needs, particularly in STEM-related areas (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).

Planned PDCCC Actions (Academic and Student Development)

  • PDCCC will develop, seek approval, and market one new CTE Program to meet community needs.
    • Proposal for Fire Science Certificate ready to submit to Advisory Committee for approval.
  • Monitor the General Ed certificate majors and award 75 one year certificates by June 2012.
    • We have confirmed 71, as of May 2012.
  • Explore growth opportunities at Smithfield Center.
    • Full-time faculty are beginning to rotate teaching at PDC Smithfield beginning fall 2012.
    •  Isle of Wight dual enrollment should begin soon.

3. Increase Enrollment in Postsecondary Programs by Middle College Participants
Enroll at least 50% of Middle College GED recipients in postsecondary community college programs.

Planned PDCCC Actions (Academic and Student Development)

  • PDCCC will partner with Suffolk Public Schools and Franklin Public Schools to consider a Middle College/GED Program at the Franklin Campus.
    • Exploring grant options and other possible partnerships.

4. Increase Enrollment in Community Colleges by Students Served by Career Coaches
Increase the percentage of high school graduates from high schools served by a career coach who, within one year of graduation, enroll in a community college, as compared with 2010-11.

Planned PDCCC Actions (Academic and Student Development)

  • PDCCC career coaches will increase the number of students served during 2011-2012 by 3%   (from   3900 to 4100 )
    • Actual students served exceeded goal and was 4250.

5. Increase Use of Virginia Education Wizard:
Increase the total number of profiles created in the Virginia Education Wizard by 50,000, to include 35,000 profiles created by Virginia students in grades 7 through 12 and 10,000 profiles by Virginia community college students.

Planned PDCCC Actions (Academic and Student Development)

  • All new students who take SDV courses will create a profile in VA Wizard.  SDV Faculty will report this data to the Deans.  95% of the SDV students will complete the VA Wizard.
    • The percentage of students who created a profile has not been verified due to the lack of available data from VA Wizard.  During the time period Fall 2011 and Spring 2012, 449 students were enrolled in SDV classes.  All students enrolled in SDV had accessibility and awareness of the VA Wizard.
    • The Wizard was also promoted in spring registration ads that ran in four newspapers at the end of December and in early January. Wizard logo and/or information will be included in an upcoming Prime Media commercial as well.
      • Being used by Career Coaches.
    • Data due by the end of June from the Career Coaches.
    • The Wizard has been promoted through a number of means throughout FY 2011-2012. We’ve promoted via the website, Facebook, print advertising and other tools.
    • For example, the Wizard was promoted in spring registration ads that ran in four newspapers at the end of December and in early January. Wizard logo and/or information will be included in an upcoming Prime Media commercial as well.

Planned PDCCC Actions (Institutional Advancement)

  • Promote the benefits of the Wizard Tool in all marketing, publicity, web site, and commercials.
    • Encourage Overview and PowerPoint Presentations at diverse meetings (Examples:  Committees;  Area Civic Groups; City Councils/Boards of Supervisors Meetings; Faculty and Staff In-Service Meetings; Local College Board Meetings; Foundation Board Meetings;  Western Tidewater Tech Prep)—and at special events ( Examples: Senior Nights at Area High Schools;  Tech Prep Guidance Conferences; Area College Night Events; Counselor Association Conferences)
    • Include references to Wizard and the email link in bookmarks in College and Local Libraries, on television ads, registration reminder postcards, and in newspaper stories/columns – (year-long).
  • The VA Education Wizard has been promoted via the following:
    •   The PDCCC “Quick Facts” Sheet
    •  Web site on the home page
    •  In advertisement for the Suffolk News-Herald’s Goods and Services Directory for their Strides edition in February
    •  In advertisement for The Tidewater News’ Progress edition in March
    •  In advertisement for The Smithfield Times’ IW living Guide in March
    •  In article running in the news section of the ST IW Living Guide in March
    •  In several advertisements in Suffolk News Herald and Tidewater News promoting Workforce Development’s online classes (March)
    • Summer registration postcards that were mailed in March
    • Open House fliers in April 2012
    • Summer registration ads that ran in four newspapers in May
    • Summer registration flier sent to Prime Media for cable
    • Spring semester postcard mailed out in November
    • Flier for Prime Media for spring registration
    • Advertisement in Suffolk News Herald’s FYI directory in July
    • In nine  spring registration advertisements for four newspapers
    • In an advertisement for the Holland District Ruritans yearbook in October
    • In a Career Coach brochure developed in November
    • In a retention postcard developed in December
    • Advertisement  for congratulating City of Franklin on its 50th anniversary
    • Advertisement in Suffolk News-Herald for Veteran’s

The Wizard will also be promoted in our upcoming fall registration ads to run in August 2012 in four newspapers and postcards to be mailed in June 2012. Wizard logo and/or information will be included in an upcoming Prime Media commercial as well.

Planned PDCCC Actions (Workforce)

  • By November 1, 2011, assign one Workforce Development staff member to complete a profile.  Identify information technology barriers.  Once barriers are identified and addressed, enlist support of Virginia Employment Commission and Opportunity Inc staff at Regional Workforce Development Center and Suffolk Workforce Development Center to develop additional profiles
    • Completed


Maintain tuition and fees at less than half of the comparable cost of attending Virginia’s public four-year institutions, and increase the annual number of students who receive financial assistance and scholarships by 36,000.

6. Increase Financial Aid Applicants and Recipients
Increase the number of students who apply for and who receive financial aid and scholarships by 10% over 2010-11.

Planned PDCCC Actions (Finance)

  • Financial Aid will Increase the number of students who apply for and who receive financial aid and scholarships by 10% over 2011-12 from 2,304 applications to 2,534 and students receiving  financial aid and scholarships from 1,253 to 1,378.

As of May 31, 2012, 2,402 students have applied for financial aid and 1,361 unduplicated students have received an award this is a 4% increase over the same time period in 2010-11. Total awards for 2011-12 were $3,454,203 this is a 22% increase over the last academic year’s awards of $2,821,327.

For FYI 2011-2012, following key statistics re: scholarship application submissions:

  • The Institutional Advancement Department managed 37 applications for Spring 2012, with 7 recipients receiving scholarships. There were 125 Fall High School applications, with 8 recipients.

Planned PDCCC Actions (Workforce)

  • Continue Regional Workforce Development Center One Stop referrals to On Ramp funding throughout 2011-12.  Maintain On Ramp presence in Workforce Development Center
    • On track—relationship continues.
  • Utilize Regional Workforce Development Center One Stop’s Virginia Employment Commission and Opportunity Inc. staff to fund training and additional services for displaced employees throughout 2011-12.  Sign agreements with both partnering organizations
    • On track—agreements continue.

7. Implement Pilot Financial Aid Shared Services Model
Monitor and report on implementation of pilot shared services model to process and award financial aid.

Planned PDCCC Actions (Finance)

  • PDCCC will closely monitor the implementation of the shared services financial aid pilot and present to the President’s Advisory Council. A complete data analysis including costs, timeliness, and customer service will be reported.

The MOU between TCC and the eight pilot colleges has been fully executed.

Work continues on the document imaging system.

Staff from the System Office, Tidewater Community College, and pilot colleges had a three-day design session to develop workflows, develop processes for updating the checklist for verification documents and packaging, and discussed security access.

Work (including staff training) continues on the document imaging system which will serve as the mechanism for exchanging student documents necessary for the verification process.

In May 2012 Tidewater Community College began performing the back-office processing for all eight pilot colleges. The document imaging system is being fully utilized, and processes are functioning as expected. Timelines for packaging and verifications are being met as outlined in the Memoranda of Understanding.


Increase the number of students graduating, transferring or completing a workforce credential by 50%, including increasing the success of students from underserved populations by 75%.

8. Redesign Developmental Education
Implement the redesign of developmental mathematics and develop curriculum and placement instrument for new developmental English structure.

Planned PDCCC Actions (Academic and Student Development)

  • Developmental math students’ success will increase 3% from 51% to 54% from Fall 2010.
    • The completion rate for developmental math classes for fall 2011 was 47% (149/318) compared to 51% (156/304) for fall 2010. This was a decrease of 4% from last fall.
    • New Developmental Math Redesign implemented Spring 2012 and early reports show success rate of 65.2%, a significant improvement.
  • Developmental English students’ success will increase 3% from 54% to 57% over Fall 2010.
    • The completion rate for developmental English classes for fall 2011 was 58% (170/291) compared to 54% (133/246) for fall 2010. This was an increase of 4% from last fall.
  • The above objectives will be met using AtD strategies.
    • Tutoring and Early Alert data from J. Standahl in January 2012; tutoring data from Fall semester 2011 suggests that developmental student success has increased.
  • By October 1, 2011, the President will submit to the Chancellor an update on the action plan(s) developed by the college’s alumni of the 2011 Chancellor’s Developmental Education Institute.
    • Completed four sessions this academic year by faculty alumni of this institute.

9. Encourage College Readiness
Analyze and report on outcomes of college readiness initiatives between colleges and K-12 partners.

Planned PDCCC Actions (Workforce)

  • By October 1, 2011, report to PDCCC President’s Office results of Smart Beginnings Western Tidewater kindergarten readiness initiative as confirmed by Isle of Wight, City of Franklin, and Southampton County School Districts
    • Completed

10. Student Success Reporting
Provide comprehensive reporting on a variety of student success measures aligned with Achieve 2015 and the Reengineering Task Force recommendations.

Planned PDCCC Actions (Academic and Student Development)

  • Develop a plan to increase number of placement tests to aid in recruitment
    • Scheduled testing sessions were increased; however, the actual testing sessions from Fall 2011 to Spring 2012 showed a decrease.  Total testing sessions for Fall 2011 was 84 and total sessions for Spring 2012 was 58.  The delay of testing required by the VCCS for the Spring 2012 semester affected the decrease.  The VCCS was working out the glitches in the new VPT Math testing.  As a result, testing could not be offered in the months of September 2011 and October 2011.
  • EMT/AtD Committee will develop AtD strategies
    • The AtD team is focusing on three interventions. These are (1) tutoring, (2) VA Education Wizard, and (3) Developmental Math and English Redesign. Tutoring data from fall semester 2011 suggests that student success has increased. Completion rate with tutoring (grade of “C” or better or “S” grade) for fall 2011 was 49% (31/63) vs. 46% (44/95) for fall 2010. The number of non-SSS students receiving tutoring has also increased from 27% (15/55) in fall 2008 to 56% (30/54) in 2011. Students are becoming more aware of tutoring services available to them. In 2008-09 only 88% of PDCCC students were aware of tutoring services vs. 94.3% in 2011-12.
    • AtD Coaches visited Spring 2012. Faculty and student focus groups were held.
  • Course assessments will be completed annually as a measure of SLO progress based on course assessment matrix.
    • Using the course assessment matrix developed by the deans, Forty-four (44) course assessments were completed in fall 2011 for Part I (Listing Student Learning Outcomes and How Assessed). Of those 44 courses, 93% (41) completed Part II (Results and Action Plan). For spring 2012, 28 course assessments were completed for Part I (Listing Student Learning Outcomes and How Assessed). Of those 28 courses, 79% (22) completed Part II (Results and Action Plan) have been completed as of 6/4/12.
  • NCLEX-RN greater than 80% pass rate.
    • Pass rates on the most recent graduating class (May 2011) is now over 91%.

11. Support Teaching Excellence
Provide a range of professional development activities for faculty, teaching-related staff, and emerging leaders to support teaching excellence within the VCCS.

Planned PDCCC Actions (Academic and Student Development)

  • We will provide five professional development activities between September 2011 and April 2012.  Topics to be addressed include, but are not limited to, Technology, Developmental Education, Customer Service and Cooperative Learning.
    • WebEx, October 6, 2011
    • Mental Health, NOVA – October 26
    • TLTR workshop – WebEx, January 19, 2012
    • Creating Engaging Activities in Online Classes, January 27, 2012
    • Developmental Math, February 15
    • TLTR Workshop – E-clicker, February 16
    • Developmental English, March 12
    • TLTR Workshop – Cloud Computing Using Google Docs, March 15
    • iPad Use in Teaching, March 30
    • JSRCC Technology Summit offered, April 6, 2012

12. Increase the Number of Students Completing Career Readiness Certificates (CRC)
Meet targets established for number of individuals receiving a Career Readiness Certificate.

Planned PDCCC Actions (Workforce)

  • By October 1, 2011, complete plan with PDCCC Academic Divisions to market CRC’s to local high schools and secondary academies at new discounted rate.  Train secondary school personnel to administer assessments
    • Met with (3) school superintendents and selected CTE administrators.  Southampton County has expressed great interest and plans to proceed in 2012.
    • Provided proctoring instruction to City of Suffolk King’s Fork High School Guidance Counselor.
    • Trained one local industry in the administration of the CRC.
  • By November 1, 2011, complete exploration with PDCCC Academic Divisions regarding feasibility of offering assessment to second year PDCCC Occupational and Technical students
    • Will pursue for 2012-2013.


Double the annual number of employers provided training and services to 10,000, with a particular focus on high-demand occupational fields.

13. Serve Employers through College Courses and Programs
Increase the number of employers served through college credit and noncredit courses, customized training, and other outreach efforts by 5%.

Planned PDCCC Actions (Workforce)

  • Agriculture
    • By March 30, 2012, complete plan with PDCCC Academic Side to begin development of Meat Science or other credit program in conjunction with Smithfield Foods
      • Substituted Project Management Professional Certification for Smithfield Packing facilities in Virginia and North Carolina
    • By June 30, 2012, offer one additional non-credit offering to Smithfield Foods
      • Completed Basic Math and Business Writing for supervisors
      • Completed needs assessment and are providing quote on Problem Solving and Decision Making, Conflict Resolution, and Diversity Awareness for 100 first line supervisors at the North Plant in Smithfield
        • Diversity Awareness scheduled for May 2012
    • By February 28, 2012, complete exploration of the feasibility of partnering with Virginia Tech Extension to provide agricultural training for farmers such as new technology and soil treatment (from 5/10 faculty and staff meeting)
      •  Consulted with Extension administration.  Project found to not be feasible at this time.
  • Entrepreneurship
    • By January 30, 2012, complete work with the Franklin Southampton Chamber regarding the feasibility of offering a non-credit entrepreneurship certificate program in partnership with one of the following two organizations:
    • Hampton Roads Small Business Development Center
    • Tayloe Murphy Center of the University of Virginia Darden School of Business
      • Working with the Franklin-Southampton Chamber, preparing “Sampler” session for prospective students
        • Completed Sampler session for 32 local entrepreneurs
      • Approaching Franklin Foundations for partial student funding
    • Green and Weatherization
      • By March 1, 2012, begin to offer independent and stacking Weatherization Career Studies Certificates.  TCC will serve as the Hampton Roads Regional Hub
        • Bob Hayes working with CVCC regarding grant funding.  Currently assessing interest of local HVAC companies
        • Grant funding established, budget  completed, marketing plan ready to begin
  • Job Readiness
    • By February 28, 2012, complete plan to reestablish the 4-week non-credit New Directions Reemployment Training Program.  Work with PDCCC Grant Writer, charitable organizations, local businesses and instructor.  Deliver program by June, 2012.  Place graduates in employment by August, 2012.
      • Completed one New Directions Program incorporating communication, customer service, resume writing, interview skills, and job shadowing experiences for (12) On-Ramp participants
    • By March 30, 2012, in conjunction with a committee of the Regional Workforce Development Council, develop and implement expanded Workplace Readiness Skills curriculum in local high school
      • Subcommittee led by Council Chair Andy Chapman is working on plan
        • Will complete second year of partnering with Opportunity Inc. to host six session Job Club
  • Maintenance
    • By November 1, 2011, complete the establishment of a Maintenance Training Institute.  Add one non-credit course offering that serves at least two new clients through newly distributed General Assembly scholarship funds
      • Added one course to Maintenance Training Institute
      • Completed training for (6) never-served companies and (1) company not served within the past two years using Governor and General Assembly designated funds for non-credit instruction
  • Medicine and Pharmacy
    • By January 3, 2012, establish an advisory group and launch Pharmacy Technician credit courses, possibly in a career studies certificate.  Offer externships to students
      • Determined course will be credit offering
      • Met with Germanna Community College program administrators
      • Determined Advisory Committee members.  Committee  met January, 2012
      • Designed curriculum, received approval of Educational Programs Committee
      • Selected instructor and launched program
  • Needs Assessment
    • By June 30, 2012, contact at least 15 employers representing key sectors of the region’s economy to assess training priorities
      • On track.  Met with:
        • NEXCOM
        • Ace Hardware East Coast Distribution Center
        • Tidewater News
        • Ace Hardware
        • Hart Construction
        • Isle of Wight County
        • Dail’s Hardware
        • Murphy-Brown
        • Smithfield Packing
        • Farm Fresh of Franklin
        • Lowe’s of Franklin
        • EMC (Courtland)
        • The Children’s Center
        • Green Mountain Coffee Roasters
        • Rawlings Mechanical
        • Edwards Hardware
  • Prisons
    • By January 3, 2012, offer one additional credit course at the Western Tidewater Regional Jail
      • Completed Warehouse and Distribution Career Studies Certificate series in December, 2011
      • Exploring Hospitality offering for female inmates
    • By November 30, 2011, complete exploration of the feasibility of offering credit and non-credit offerings at Deerfield Correctional
      • Bob Hayes met with facility officials.  Identified computer and warehouse educational opportunities.  Tuition funding is an issue
  • Pulp and Fluff
    • Offer training and additional services to companies involved in the International Paper Franklin Mill repurposing throughout 2011-12.  By June 30, 2012, spend VCCS Institutes of Excellence funds
      • Completed multiple services to  Franklin Mill Start-up Team including:
        • Facility rental for meetings, interviews, candidate testing
        • On-line application support
        • Behavior-based Panel Interview Training
        • Procedure Writing Training
        • Forklift Certificate Training
        • Train-the-Trainer Training
        • Procedure Editing Service
        • Installation of Workforce Center time clock for hourly employees
      •  VCCS Institutes of Excellence funds used as planned
      • Utilized non-credit tuition incentive funds for Forklift Operator Certificate Training
    • By April 30, 2012, complete exploration of the feasibility of creating a “fluff/fiber” Technology Institute with two emerging industries, a 4-year institution, Opportunity Inc, local economic development offices, and PDCCC
      • Contacted new International Paper Franklin Fluff Mill Communications Manager regarding collaborative effort. Ms. Brennan working concept within International paper.
    • By May 30, 2012, complete exploration of the feasibility of creating a worker pipeline for machine operators for all companies at the repurposed Franklin Mill
      • Supporting International Paper Franklin Start-up Team with training and other support services. Provided job applicants with on-line application support. As of February 2012, there have been no announcements regarding additional company start-ups on the Franklin Mill site.

14. Increase Customized and Open Enrollment Training
Increase the number of businesses returning for customized and open enrollment training.

Planned PDCCC Actions (Workforce)

  • Establish benchmark from past two years for returning businesses participating in customized and open enrollment training.  Increase this number by 5% over the two year average
    • On track. Research and data being established.
  • By August 30, 2011, develop plan to allocate and market new General Assembly non-credit funding
    • Completed plan.  Met goals for 3 companies during first quarter.   Met goals for second quarter. On track for third quarter.
  • By June 30, 2012, offer 2 new open enrollment courses
    • Pharmacy Technician offering planned for August 2012
    • Completed first plumbing course with Suffolk Redevelopment and Housing
  • By May 30, 2012, offer 2 new community service courses for the Hobbs Suffolk Campus (from 5/10 faculty and staff meeting)
    • Completed (2) Zumba sessions
    •  Completed iPad 2 class
    • Completed draft of “Age 50+ College” or “College for Older Adults”


Raise at least $550 million in cumulative gifts and grants to support the mission of Virginia’s Community Colleges.

15. Strategic Priority: Expand Fundraising Support.  In order to meet the Achieve 2015 goals, the College will raise $1,000,000 in cumulative gifts and grants by June 30, 2012.

Planned PDCCC Actions (Institutional Advancement):

  • Launch the external phase of the Major Gifts Campaign
    • Plan and implement external phase of the Major Gifts Campaign (Fall Semester 2011)
      The Addison Group of Suffolk, VA has been secured to assist in developing marketing materials for the PDCCC Major Gifts Campaign. Also, materials created by the former Major Gifts campaign consultant (The Mercer Group) will be used for the year-long efforts
    • Also, the Campaign has been designated to conclude in the summer of 2013.
    • A plan has been developed wherein the following activities will begin 8/1/12:
      • Executive Visits by Dr. Conco and Felicia Blow
      • Leadership Roundtable Meetings by Dr. Conco and Felicia Blow
      • Foundation Board of Directors training session
    • In September 2012, the Annual Employee Fund Campaign will be launched to all PDCCC employees.
    • In the way of funds raised, the successful 40/7 Society Campaign raised $18,383 in gifts and pledges creating an endowed scholarship and raising additional awareness of the college and opportunities to give.
  • Provide on-site fund-raising training for Foundation Directors.
  • Conduct at least two fund-raising-focused workshops for Foundation Board Directors (during Summer and Fall Semesters – completed by December 2011).
    Board training has been infused into the quarterly Foundation board meetings including action items, including reading a strategy book. There has been consistent follow up on these commitments to ensure follow through.
  • Sponsor at least two Major Gifts Campaign Events.
  • Identify venues and host at least two awareness functions in homes or other special places (Fall Semester 2011).
    In early FY 2011-2012, the College’s 40th anniversary and 7th Presidential Inauguration were leveraged as significant events to promote the College as well as to encourage giving to the Major Gifts Campaign. Also, additional activities are under consideration for this purpose. Finally, the 2012-2013 Foundation Annual Plan is under development. Activities currently slated to occur include the 9th Annual PDCCC Foundation Golf Tournament to be held on 8/10/12.
  • Create alumni Web link or page and E-letters to identify alumni data for fundraising purposes.
  • Launch alumni Web link and send email messages to alumni (Spring 2012).
    The new web design will be updated in FY 2012-2013. Engagement and involvement by select Alumni will occur before the weblink is finalized.
  • Create Foundation Web link
  • Research best practices and adopt/launch Foundation Web link (Spring 2012).
    The new PDCCC website has been launched and website statistics show that the page is well-visited. A Foundation weblink has been added to this new tool.
  • A new PDCCC Foundation website is proposed to be developed and will be integral in increasing opportunities for awareness, visibility and gift-giving to the PDCCC Foundation.
  • Host the 8th Annual Golf Tournament to raise funds for the college
    Identify venue and host fundraising golf tournament (Summer 2011).
    Completed. We held the 8th annual PDCCC Foundation golf tournament on the rain date, of Monday, September 12 at the Cypress Cove Country Club. We raised $16,567 in funds.
  • Conduct 9thAnnual Fund Campaign, to be launched in October 2011.
    • Update solicitation material and launch Annual Fund appeal (October 2011)The PDCCC Annual Fund Campaign was launched in December 2011. Include receipts from the 2011 golf tournament, funds raised totaled $26,163.
  • Hold another fundraising antique car show in October.
  • Identify October or November date and host 3rd annual antique show (Fall Semester 2011).
  • Completed. This event was held on Saturday, November 19, 2011.

16. Develop Capital Outlay Six Year Plan
Develop capital outlay six year plan that supports implementation of Achieve 2015 goals and ensures that facilities needs are communicated effectively so the Commonwealth’s capital plan adequately reflects community colleges’ needs.

Planned PDCCC Actions (Finance)

  • PDCCC will complete the six year capital outlay plan in compliance with the VCCS Achieve 2015goals.
    • Deferred to 2012-2013 PDCCC Achieve 2015 Plan.

17. Increase Grants
Increase the number of grants applied for and received by the VCCS.

  • PDCCC has hired a part-time grants writer to increase the number of grant applications and awards. (May 2011)
    In May 2012, grant writer Liz Marshall was hired. Below are the results of her work in the time she has been with the College. We also have initiated a process for the receipt and management of grant requests from through the College. This will ensure a steady flow of information as well as more effective management of deliverables from the grants process. 2011-2012 saw a substantial increase in number of grants applied for and awarded.
  • Facilitate at least one grants-writing workshop for faculty.
    • Design and present a grants-writing workshop for faculty (Fall Semester 2011).
      Completed.  A workshop was held on Saturday, September 19, 2011 at “Faculty Academy.” This workshop assisted greatly in ensuring that we educated Faculty and Staff re: opportunities for grants submissions, especially to VCCS and the Paul Lee Professional Development grants program.
  • Research, identify, and apply for available/appropriate grants.
    • Identify and apply for at least six major grants for the Foundation and the College (by June 2012).
    • We have had great success with grant applications submissions. Grants have been received from: Dominion Power (for Foundation), Franklin-Southampton Charities, Obici Healthcare Foundation, Opportunity Inc., Camp Foundation, and Valley Proteins. Grants waiting to hear: Upward Bound. Upcoming grants: For Safety and Security, Hampton Roads Community Foundation. Large Department of Labor Trade Adjustment Assistance grant was awarded to VCCS. Paul D. Camp Community College will receive over $900,000 over the next three years. Also, below is a listing of additional grants secured over the course of the last year through I.A. or other teams to benefit the College.

2011-12 Goals

2011-12 Goals

2011-12 Goals

Grant Amount
Upward Bound. Five-year grant beginning June 1, 1012. $250,000 each year for a total of 5 years ($1.25 million).

$  250,000

Valley Proteins Annual Award for Workforce Development to design a Warehouse and Distribution mid-level supervisor curriculum

$  10,000

VCCS Chancellor’s Innovation Fund grant for software and enhancements for nursing patient simulator SimMan 3G

$   25,472

VCCS Chancellor’s Tuition Differential Investment Pool grant for Digital sign, renovation of Franklin campus library, Achieving the Dream membership, online open house, Facebook marketing

$ 164,300

Virginia RETHINKS Health Sciences Education (Dept. of Labor Trade Adjustment Assistance grant). Three-year grant for all 23 VCCS colleges. Four full-time positions (or equivalent) for PDCCC.

$  300,200 to PDCCC for Year One

Camp Foundations: Three funding proposals for Career Coaches, Presidential discretion fund

$   55,000

Opportunity Inc. In-School Youth Programs for Dual Enrollment

$   10,000

Virginia Dept. of Health grant for Pregnant and Parenting Students Peer Liaisons (3PL). PDC is one of six colleges sharing grant.

$   50,290

To PDCCC for Year One

Franklin Southampton Charities grant for SimMan 3G patient simulator

$   65,000

Obici Healthcare Foundation grant for SimMan Essential, SimMom and SimBaby patient simulators.

$ 110,585

VCCS Chancellor’s Aware for Exemplary Career Coaches

$   30,000

Student Support Services federal grant

$ 275,216

On Ramp funds from VCCS to Workforce Development

$ 162,000

VCCS Institutes of Excellence state funds to develop pharmacy tech certificate

$  15,000

Carl Perkins grant from VCCS

$  50,000

Dept. of Labor Technical Skills Training Grant. Partner with Opportunity Inc. PDC receives tuition reimbursement to provide training. Greater Peninsula Workforce Consortium lead agency.



Hampton Roads Partnership for Algebra. National Science Foundation Partner with Hampton University. PDC math instructor participates in activities.




18. Leverage VCCS Purchasing Volume
Achieve full compliance with purchasing regulations and leverage economies of scale when system-wide contracts can result in better pricing and administrative efficiencies.

Planned PDCCC Actions (Finance)

  • The PDCCC Business Office will insure full compliance with VCCS Achieve 2015 regulations taking advantage of the economies of scale generated from system-wide contracts leading to administrative efficiencies.
    The goal of leveraging purchasing volume and improving purchasing efficiency has been put forth to all colleges from the Chancellor as part of their efficiency plans.Procurement staff from each VCCS college was identified to participate in a statewide workgroup. The workgroup met on March 1, 2011 to discuss identification of joint procurement opportunities, inclusion of additional members in the workgroup and the process and steps needed to move toward freeing up procurement officers to work on more procurement related tasks.Each college set a goal to leverage purchasing volume through cooperative procurement as part of their participation in the VCCS Reengineering Incentive and Recognition Plan. Additional information will be provided to colleges on specific ways to reach their college goal, along with a plan for success going forward. As an example of successful leveraging, the System Office issued a statewide RFP to provide professional development and other services to college foundations. The centralized procurement process saved colleges staff time and the result was a lower fee structure for all colleges that want to use the services.Colleges completed and submitted surveys toward their progress of utilizing cooperative procurement opportunities and the results of the survey were presented at the October, 2011 meeting of the Advisory Council of Presidents (ACOP) and the Administrative Services Fall Conference.PDCCC is in full compliance with the Achieve 2015 regulations as they apply to purchasing.
    Commonwealth commodities contracts PDCCC utilizes for day to day purchase requests that meet procurement guidelines as well as this standard can be found below:
    Paper, Office supplies, Technology, Vehicle contracts, Furniture, Maintenance Supplies
    Laboratory Sciences, Carpet, Copiers leasing, Postage Machines leasing, etc.


In order to accomplish the goals set forth in Achieve 2015 and these Chancellor’s Goals, various management goals are necessary.

19. Meet Management Standards
Meet specified academic, administrative, and financial Institutional Performance Standards (IPS) required to receive incentives provided for in the Higher Education Restructuring Act.
Planned PDCCC Actions (Finance)

  • Implement new ISO 27002 IT Security standards and guidelines. (May 2012).

    The PDCCC implementation of the ISO 27002 IT Security standards and guidelines is underway and on schedule. The following tasks have been completed:

    • Business Impact Analysis
    • Risk Assessment
    • Continuity of Operations Plan
    • Disaster Recovery Plan
    • Asset Inventory and
    • Security Officer Employee Work Profile
      4/1/2012: VCCS Advisory Council of Presidents approved all ISO 27002 IT security standards and guidelines at their March meeting. PDCCC is reviewing all documents, branding with PDCCC logo and updating college specific information. We are 85% complete.
  • Implement the VCCS shared services Enterprise Active Directory (EAD). VCCS will create an enterprise directory for faculty, staff and students at all colleges, which will allow colleges to deploy a common login and authentication for services such as computer labs, wireless, printing and more. (Fall 2011).
    The Franklin Campus EAD server has been installed. We are awaiting VCCS quote for the Suffolk EAD server. SyCom IT consultants have completed a health check of the current active directory in preparation of EAD implementation.
    5/15/2012: EAD implemented.
  • Continue with the implementation of the PeopleSoft SIS and HR upgrade version 8.9 to HRMS/CS version 9.0. (March 2012).
    SIS/HR 9.0 was successfully upgraded and implemented on March 26, 2012.
  • PDCCC will proceed with the development and implementation of a new PDCCC website. Estimated launch is February 2012.
    The Ivy Group (TIG) was engaged to build new website.
    The new Website was successfully launched on February 27th.
  • PDCCC will upgrade Workforce Development technology. Conduct an evaluation of PDCCC WFD needs, meet with a vendor to evaluate possible solutions, develop hardware and software upgrade paths, deploy new technology, and provide training to staff by March 2012.
    Evaluation of needs was completed and AVI SPL was engaged to provide solutions and a quote.
    AVI SPL met with IT staff and college VPs to discuss expectations and soultions.
    WFD Technology Theater surround sound system was installed.
    WFD Conference hall recording system was installed.
    The WFD upgrade for the new sound system, podium with easy control of all equipment, foyer LCD panels with new digital signage software, presentation routed from the conference hall to the technology theater and foyer panels was completed May 10, 2012.

 20. Enhance Institutional Effectiveness
Complete implementation of decision support system and initial reporting capabilities.
VCCS GOAL:  in order to accomplish the goals set forth in Achieves 2015, various management goals are necessary.


 Planned PDCCC Actions (Institutional Advancement)

  • Promote and implement better advanced planning.
    • Institute office-wide use of planning calendars (Fall 2011).
      In process—many at the college are now using the Outlook calendar.

Planned PDCCC Actions (Academic and Student Development)

  • Complete implementation of decision support system and initial reporting capabilities.
    • The new Assessment and Research Website has a greater focus on institutional effectiveness and summative data to help administrators and faculty in decision making. Since the creation of the new web page, there have been 231 hits with an average time of 4.54 minutes. More surveys are collected each term in order to initiate improvements. The College began a new process for the collection of unit plans for administrators, support staff, and program faculty. These results are then incorporated into an annual institutional effectiveness report.
  • Begin to increase use of PAS reports to identify  faculty proficiency levels
    • This process has been delayed due to other priorities. We will revisit this for 2012-2013.
  • Individual faculty will develop recruitment and retention plans.
    • The Deans are working with individual faculty along with the Enrollment Management Team (EMT). Specific items and goals will be established for 2012-2013.
  • Create a college culture of Institutional Effectiveness.
    • Director of Institutional Research is working with individual faculty and staff to improve in this area. New Vice President of Finance and Administration is working in all administrative areas to enhance and supplement earlier documents.

Planned PDCCC Actions (Workforce)

  • Completed evaluation of instructional effectiveness in credit, non-credit, customized, and open-enrollment classes.

21. Continue Re-engineering Task Force
Continue the Chancellor’s Re-engineering Task Force and implement recommendations as appropriate.

  • Continue the Chancellor’s Re-engineering Task Force and implement recommendations as appropriate.

22.   Implement Faculty Employment Spectrum
Create plans for broadening use of full faculty employment opportunities.

  •  Hired two additional full-time faculty for 2011-2012, one in nursing and one in speech.

23.   Conduct Credit Audit
Conduct a credit audit of academic programs in an attempt to reduce time-to-degree for students.

  • Completed the Transfer programs credit audits for 65 credits per program. Gave justification for 66 credits for the Education Degree.  Occupational Technical degree programs are complete.  Administration of Justice Programs (400) reduced credits from 67 credits to 65. The Administrative Support Technology programs (298) reduced their program from 67 credits to 65 credits. Gave justifications for the Management AAS Degree (69 credits), the Nursing AAS Degree (69 credits), and Early Childhood Development AAS Degree (67 credits). Certificates audits will begin in July 16, 2012 with completion date of December 3, 2012.

Planned PDCCC Actions (Academic and Student Development)

  • All program faculty will review each degree, certificate and career studies certificate and provide data and support for program.
    • Completed the Transfer programs credit audit for 65 credits per program. Gave justification for 66 credits for the Education Degree. Occupational Technical degree programs are on track. The completion date is May 4. At present the Administration of Justice Programs are planning to reduce their program from 67 credits to 65. The Administrative Support Technology programs are planning to reduce their program from 67 credits to 65 credits. Certificates audits will begin in July 2012 with completion date of December 2012. Program changes have been made through the Educational Programs Committee.

24.   Continue Emergency Preparedness
Continue to improve and test Continuity of Operations Plans and procedures.

Planned PDCCC Actions (Finance)

  • A purchase of 29 cameras and associated infrastructure has been made from S3 Integrations (Security Systems and Services).
    • Safety training – Security information will be provided to adjunct faculty at the Fall and Spring Adjunct Faculty meetings.

The camera system has been installed and is operational. The need for additional cameras has been established and we are working to get them installed.

Safety training was provided to the PDCCC adjunct faculty at their August 17, 2011 meeting. Additional training  was provided to adjunct faculty at their spring meeting January 4, 2012.

 The PDCCC Continuity Plan has been completed and approved by the Administrative Services Committee and the President’s Advisory Council.

 25.   Project Management
By March 1, 2012, colleges will submit reports on their plans and current status for implementation of the technology project management standards and guidelines relative to Level 2.

Planned PDCCC Actions (Finance)

  • Operation of plant will use EO-19 mandate: Develop and employ efficiency tools with the goal of reducing its energy use by at least 5 percent for fiscal year 2012.
  • Promote policies and practices for college-wide Environmental Sustainability and lower energy costs.
    A sustainability committee, co-chaired by Dr. Singleton and Dr. Edenfield has been formed. Key member were drawn from all areas of the College as this initiative will impact academics, facilities, and other areas.
    This committee will lead PDCCC in following the recommendations outlined in the Chancellor’s Task Force on Environmental Sustainability including:
  • Developing an environmental scholars program
  • Develop a program ensuring a healthy learning and work environment
  • Establish an effective Preventive Maintenance Program
  • Assess the sustainability emphasis included in current procurement practices
  • Assess the use of new information technologies
  • Explore opportunities to engage community leaders

The Sustainability Committee has met and will be adding items to the PDCCC 2012-2013 Achieve 2015 Plan.

  • PDCCC planned a $3.4 million renovation for HVAC for the Hobbs Campus.
    • Hobbs Campus HVAC Renovation status—June 2011 renovation will begin.
      While the VCCS continues to work with BCOM and PDCCC to bring this project to a successful completion, the project continues to be delayed by VCCS and BCOM issues. Resolutions and progress will be deferred to the PDCCC 2012-2013 Achieve 2015 Plan.
  • Reduce need for duplicating budget resources through technology and policies.
  • Developed an environmental and energy policy addressing strategies to reduce duplicating cost.
    PDCCC Business Office has begun this process. All duplicating contracts and resources are being examined.
    In 2012 the College will work with vendors, faculty, and staff to create an ongoing plan that meets the College’s needs while being sensitive to sustainability and other resource issues.
    We have met with three vendors and are in the process of meeting additional vendors.
  • By spring 2012 PDCCC will plan and implement a renovation of the Hobbs Campus LRC. The intent is to adopt the latest technologies to create a Media Center for students.
    Project planning is underway. MMM Architects have been engaged to provide drawings. The PDCCC Committee working on this project has approved the direction and the VCCS is working with PDCCC on this project.
    PDCCC has received working drafts for this project. Campus committees have reviewed the drawings and made recommendations.
  • Implement IT Project Management according to VCCS guidelines and standards. By March 1, 2012, the college will submit reports on our plans and current status for implementation of the technology project management standards and guidelines relative to Level 2.
    PDCCC project management plan was submitted to the VCCS on March 14th.

26.   Expand Diversity Recruitment
Increase diversity of teaching faculty by implementing college diversity recruitment plans.

Planned Action (Finance)

  • Diversity Recruitment– To recruit and retain individuals with the best minds and most potential by an annual percentage increase of at least 2% in teaching faculty from diverse backgrounds (race or ethnicity).
  •  Teaching Faculty Recruitment—Increase full-time teaching faculty positions by adding and recruiting two full-time faculty in 2011-12.

The faculty diversity dashboard will be completed in the spring of each year with figures coming from the VCCS for PDCCC. Spring 2011 information can be found below.
The PDCCC HR office has advertised recruitments on our website, in local papers (Tidewater News, Smithfield Times, and Suffolk News Herald), in a regional paper (Virginian Pilot) and nationally (Chronicle of Higher Education) as well as other institutions of higher education. The Nursing faculty vacancy was also sent to over 10 regional hospital HR offices.
PDCCC has hired Nursing and Speech faculty members.