2014-15 Goals

Chancellor’s Goals Supporting Achieve 2015
July 2014 through June 2015
Approved by the State Board on May 22, 2014


Increase the number of individuals who are educated and trained by Virginia’s Community Colleges by 50,000 to an annual total of 423,000, with emphasis on increasing the number from underserved populations by at least 85,000 individuals.

1 Increase Enrollment from Underserved Populations
Increase enrollment from underserved populations by 3% over 2014-15.

  • Increase URP enrollment (i.e., the number of enrolled PELL recipients; unduplicated total Fall and Spring) by 3%, from 761 in 2013-14 to 784 in 2014-15.
  • Overall Enrollment-Related Objectives
  • Develop and implement a plan and process regarding an agreement with TCC’s Associate of Applied Arts degree in Studio Arts, in order to encourage Suffolk students to complete their general education requirements at PDCCC and then transfer seamlessly to the second year of TCC’s program. (A&SD)
  • Increase the current fall to spring retention rate for program-placed students from 70% to 74%. (A&SD)
  • Implement and systematize use of “information cards” at PDCCC outreach and recruitment events, ensuring that at least 90% of prospective students and community members requesting information about the college receive follow-up from an appropriate member of the faculty, staff, or administration within 10 business days. (IA/A&SD)
  • Partner in VCCS state-wide program, as well as other partnership opportunities (i.e. TCC/TNCC programs), to increase brand awareness and ultimately enrollment at the PDCCC.
  • Develop PDCCC market-focused comprehensive marketing campaign to increase awareness of the College and its offerings and ultimately enrollment
    • Collective reach/impressions with outreach and media relations (TV/print) totaled more than 1 million impressions and a reach of more than 200,000 persons. We will work to increase by 5% the 2014-2015 fiscal year, if the increased budget/funding for marketing is approved for the Office of Institutional Advancement.
  • By the end of FY 14-15, increase website visits by 10% (from 198,343 to 218,177)
  • By the end of FY 14-15, increase Facebook likes by 10% (from 940 to 1034)
  • By the end of FY 14-15, grow subscribers of the PDCCC YouTube Page by 20%. There are currently 17 subscribers.
  • Develop LinkedIn social media site by January 2015
  • Develop a comprehensive marketing campaign and direction; engage underwriting assistance through the Foundation by 9/1/14. The new tag line being utilized is: “Get an Education. Change Your Life.”
  • Explore Children’s Center and Obici Health Care Foundation initiatives to provide childcare to selected Allied Health students. Report status December 2014. (IA & A&SD)
  • By March 1, 2015, complete plans for the development of a Welding Lab at the Hobbs Suffolk Campus.

2 Educational Programs
Annually develop 10 new academic programs (degree, certificate, or career studies certificate) that respond to emerging, critical workforce needs, particularly in STEM-related areas (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).

  • Implement new programs in Medical Office Administrative Assistant (fast-track CSC and AAS degree specialization), medical office coder/reimbursement specialist (fast-track CSC), EMT-Intermediate, robotics, and practical nursing.
  • Finalize partnership with TCC to offer Physical Therapy Assistant. (A&SD & WFD)
  • Develop and seek approval for a new Associate Degree in Mechatronics Technology. (A&SD)
  • Evaluate enrollment in the revised Fire Science Technology (FST) Career studies program to see if there is enough interest in further development of a one-year certificate program with Southside Virginia Community College. (A&SD)
  • Conduct a comprehensive review of program and faculty productivity and initiate discontinuation process for non-viable programs. (A&SD)
  • Strengthen the Dual Enrollment program by: (A&SD)
    • Hire a Full Time Dual Enrollment Coordinator by Fall 2014 under Student Services Initiative
    • Increase Dual Enrollment by 5% from _____ students (_____ FTE) in 2013-14 to ______ students (_____ FTE) in 2014-15.
    • Develop an “HB1184 Type” agreement with at least one private academy in the service region in order to increase dual enrollment.
    • Increase General Studies Certificates in Dual Enrollment from 7 to 14.
  • Implement Sustainability Scholars program in Spring 2015, with at least 10 courses revised to integrate sustainability curricula by end of 2014-15. (A&SD)
  • Explore establishing a robotics lab-on-wheels. (A&SD, IA, & WFD)
  • Compete and submit SACSCOC 5th year report by September deadline. (A&SD, IA, FAS)
  • Host a successful SACSCOC on-site visit for off-campus (high school) sites as required at the time of 5th year review and in accordance with substantive change policy. (A&SD, IA, FAS)

3 Virginia Education Wizard
Increase the total number of profiles created in the Virginia Education Wizard by 70,000, to include 45,000 profiles created by Virginia students in grades 7 through 12 and 12,000 profiles by Virginia community college students. Increase the total number of Career and Course Planners in the Wizard by 3,000. Increase the total number of Wizard Mobile users by 3,000.

  • 150 new profiles will be created by service region high school students and PDCCC students. (A&SD)
  • 25 new course and career planners will be created by PDCCC students. (A&SD)

4 Establish and Implement Core Elements across all VCCS Coaching Services
Coaching participants will receive services in each of the four key coaching elements of college and career transition: career assessment, career planning, financial aid, and college or career entry, and all colleges will see a 10% increase in the percentages of participants in each program with who have completed all four services.

  • Increase by 10% the number of participants in each of PDCCC’s coaching programs who complete all four services, from ______ in 2013-14 to _______ in 2014-15. (A&SD)

5 Expand Shared Distance Learning Model
Expand participation in shared distance learning model to all remaining colleges. Explore the feasibility of adding more course-originating colleges to the model.

  • Continue to participate in SSDL by… (A&SD)
    • Increase by 10% the number of students taking SSDL courses in Fall and Spring, from a total of 100 in 2013-14 to 110 in 2014-15.
    • Offer ENG 111/112 (Classical Approach) as a course-originating college.
    • Offer a sustainability course in Spring 2015 as a course-originating college.
    • By December 1, 2014, develop a plan for improving local student support services for SSDL students that promote success in SSDL courses. Implement services in Spring 2015, to improve success rates from _____ in Spring 2014 to _____ in Spring 2015.

Maintain tuition and fees at less than half of the comparable cost of attending Virginia’s public four-year institutions, and increase the annual number of students who receive financial assistance and scholarships by 36,000.

6 Increase Financial Aid Recipients
Increase the number of students receiving financial aid by 5% over 2013-14 with special focus on middle class students.

  • Increase by 10% scholarship applications submitted, as compared to FY 13-14 (from 180 to 198 individual student applications)
  • Increase by 10% scholarships funds as compared to FY 13-14 (from $46,423.28 to $51,065.61)
  • Execute online/web-based tools to manage scholarships and the process to grow scholarship activity by 10%
  • PDCCC is piloting a new plan focusing Commonwealth Award (COMA) and Virginia Guaranteed Assistance Program (VGAP) funding on helping middle-class students. Track and report on assessment with written analysis to PAC by December 1, 2014. (A&T)
  • PDCCC will provide Federal Direct Student Loans (FDSL) for students beginning in Fall 2015.
  • PDCCC disbursed Financial Aid to 1,010 students for the 2012-13 academic year. Thus far in 2014 awards have been made to 862 students (summer aid is not finalized yet). The goal for the 2014-15 academic year will be 1,060 students receiving financial aid.
  • Assess best practices in Financial Aid in VCCS and other community colleges providing a report by December 2014.
  • Utilize Opportunity Inc and Virginia Employment Commission staff to fund training and additional services for displaced employees throughout 2014-15. By April 15, 2015, increase number of training programs by (2). Sign agreement with Opportunity Inc.

7 Implement Rural Virginia Horseshoe Initiative at Pilot Colleges and Establish Four-Year Success Benchmarks
Working with the pilot colleges, develop and operationalize processes for the GED incentive and full-time high school coaching program and track success toward enrolling 50 GED completers at each college and achieving agreed upon coaching progress measures and outcomes, using year one data to set a baseline and subsequently to project years two through four annual goals for measures and outcomes.

  • By end of FY 14-15, secure funding for second full-time High School Career Coach (10.5 month) in support of Rural VA Initiative. (IA)
  • Participate as a pilot college in the Rural Virginia Horseshoe Initiative. (A&SD/IA)
  • Hire one additional (10.5 month) FT HS Career Coach as required by the RVI Grant. (A&SD)
  • Connect Franklin GED students with PDCCC Career Development Center, Out of School Youth program, Success Coaches, and other student services in order to encourage GED Completers to enroll in PDCCC. (A&SD)
  • Explore development of a middle college experience with Franklin GED students. (A&SD)

8 Reduce Textbooks Cost
Reduce the cost of required textbooks and related course materials in 10% of all course sections offered in 2014-15. Colleges will provide a list of the course sections in which the cost of textbooks and related course materials were reduced, the method of reducing the cost, and the estimated cost savings for enrolled student in each course by May 15, 2015.

  • Reduce the cost of required textbooks and related course materials in 10% of all course sections offered by PDCCC and provide the required report to the Chancellor by May 15, 2015. (A&SD & FAS)

Triple the number of students graduating, transferring, or completing a workforce credential to 91,173, including tripling the success of students from underserved populations to 39,393.

9 Enhance Veterans Services
Continue to monitor progress on plans submitted to Chancellor on veteran friendly services. Monitoring reports will be submitted to the Chancellor by October 1, 2014.

  • Continue implementation of Veterans Services plan submitted to the Chancellor in October 2014, focusing on objectives related to facilities and retention, specifically: (A&SD, FAS, IA)
    • Identify and equip a space (lounge/center) for veteran and military students on each campus.
    • Refine and fully implement series of regular, proactive communications with prospective and new veteran and military students.
    • Explore utilization of SAILS for early alert with veteran and military students.
  • Develop targeted promotions plan to grow media coverage of the College’s Veteran’s services no later than 10/1/14.
  • Grow web traffic to www.pdc.edu on veteran’s services, increasing year over year traffic by 10% as compared to the 2013-2014 fiscal year (from 183 to 201).

10 Implement Student Services Initiatives
Continue implementation of the automated early alert system (SAILS) to strengthen persistence.

  • PDCCC will continue implementation of the SAILS phased roll-out in 2014-15 and assess outcomes for students assisted through SAILS with report by February 2015. (A&SD)

11 Explore Emerging Learning Technologies
Develop new and evolving learning technologies and promote those that offer the greatest promise for effective teaching and learning and improved student success.

  • Increase Panopto use by ____% from _____ FT faculty using Panotpo in 2013-14 to ______in 2014-15; _____ adjunct faculty will use Panopto in 2014-15, up from _____ in 2013-14. (A&SD)
  • By March 1, 2015, promote use of upgraded Technology Theater to local Chambers of Commerce and Regional Workforce Development Council for synchronous distance learning. Support the implementation of (1) distance learning event.
  • By March 1, 2015, research, evaluate, and complete a recommendation regarding the incorporation of WHRO resources into PDCCC programs.

12 Improve College and Career Transition for Students in Training and Coaching Programs
Meet individual college targets established for retention, credentials, and/or transition to employment for participants in Perkins, On Ramp, Middle College, Great Expectations, and high school, college success, and adult coaching by developing standardized processes at the state and college levels for data collection, reporting, tracking, and validation of credential and employment outcomes of students in these programs.

  • PDCCC will participate in standardized data collection, reporting, tracking, and validation as required by the VCCS, and meet established targets for retention, credentials, and/or transition to employment for Perkins, On-Ramp, and coaching initiatives.
  • By June 30, 2015, increase by (10) the number of students placed in employment as a result of obtaining a non-credit workplace credential through On Ramp, Opportunity Inc, or charitable funding source.

13 Student Success Reporting
Provide comprehensive reporting on a variety of student success measures aligned with Achieve 2015-Take Two and the Reengineering Task Force recommendations.

  • Participate and complete all reporting initiatives

14 Update the VDOE/VCCS Dual Enrollment Plan
Work with ASAC, Dual Enrollment Coordinators and VDOE to review and revise current dual enrollment plan.

  • PDCCC’s VP Academic and Student Development and Dual Enrollment Coordinator will participate in review and revision of the current dual enrollment plan as required by VCCS. (A&SD)
    • Partner with Academics to grow dual enrollment student populations, as compared year over year, through increased marketing/PR focus on the PDCCC dual enrollment program (i.e. direct mail, print ads, etc.) from 160 FTE in 2013-14 to 165 FTE in 2014-15. (IA & A&SD)

15 Increase Professional Development Opportunities to Enhance Faculty and Student Success
Increase regional faculty development opportunities by 5%, reconstitute 10% of inactive Peer Groups, and increase visibility of adjunct faculty development opportunities in all OPD-sponsored events in direct support of faculty professional development and evaluation goals and objectives.

  • Develop/revise an Adjunct Faculty Handbook by March 31, 2015. (A&SD)
  • Develop a comprehensive Dual Enrollment Handbook by April 30, 2015. (A&SD)
  • Develop and implement comprehensive orientation for the 5+ new Full Time Faculty and Administrators beginning employment at PDCCC in Fall 2014. (A&SD, A&T/HR)
  • Strengthen encouragement and participation in nearby faculty development opportunities (full-time adjunct) with Tidewater Community College (TCC), J. Sargent Reynolds Community College (JSRCC), Virginia Tidewater Consortium for Higher Education (VTC), and Master Teacher Seminars.

Increase the number of employers provided training and services to 13,000, with a particular focus on high-demand occupational fields.

16 Serve Employers Through College Courses, Programs, And Outreach
Increase the number of employers served through college credit and noncredit courses, customized training, layoff aversion, and other outreach efforts and report annually all their employer activities.

  • Agriculture
    • By January 30, 2015, assess need for additional and revised Project Management Professional Certification preparation course with Smithfield.
    • By March 1, 2015, complete (2) additional Farm Manager Maintenance classes for Murphy-Brown.
    • By September 1, 2014, identify a room for the Smithfield Technology Center at the Regional Workforce Development Center as part of the Smithfield Farmland Donation.
  • Leadership
    • By July 30, 2014, complete Leadership, Communication, and Conflict Resolution modules for The Children’s Center.
  • Logging
    • By June 30, 2015, offer (2) additional seminars to grow logging businesses to meet increased fiber demand.
    • By January 30, 2015, recruit (5) total additional truck driver and logging truck drivers through PDCCC, TCC, and SCC truck driver training programs.
  • Maintenance
    • By November 1, 2014, complete support of the International Paper Instrumentation and Electrical Preventive Maintenance (IEPM) Program.
    • By September 1, 2014, complete International Paper Franklin Mill 2-Week Advanced Welding Class.
    • By October 1, 2014, complete (1) class of Practical Plant Failure Analysis Training.
  • Marine Skills Training
    • By June 30, 2015, complete (4) Marine Coatings classes in conjunction with the Virginia Ship Repair Association (VSRA).
    • By September 1, 2014, complete (2) 3-week Fast Track Welding classes. Utilize PDCCC Career Development to assist in job shadowing and graduates’ job placement.
  • Needs Assessment
    • By June 30, 2015, contact at least (12) employers representing key sectors of the region’s economy to assess training priorities.
  • Non-credit Incentive Funds
    • By June 30, 2015, serve at least (6) business, industry, or non-profit organizations that have never been served or have not been served over the past two years.
  • Pulp and Fluff
    • By June 30, 2015, complete Forklift Operator Certificate Recertification Training for the International Paper Franklin Mill.
  • Warehouse and Distribution
    • By August 1, 2014, incorporate Clamp Truck into non-credit equipment operator course.
    • By June 30, 2015, complete (6) sessions of Forklift Operator Training for the Up Center.
    • By December 1, 2014, promote new Logistics Career Studies Certificate; conduct new classes beginning January, 2015.

17 Implement Workforce Enterprise System
Monitor and report on the multi-year implementation of a workforce enterprise system.

  • Complete local design, installation, and implementation with second of four groups of Virginia Community Colleges

18 Increase the Number of Students Completing and Businesses Recognizing Career Readiness Certificates
Meet individual college targets established for number of individuals receiving and businesses recognizing the CRC

  • By June 30, 2015, increase the number of awarded Career Certificates by 10% over Year 2013-14 (from 188 to 207).
  • By June 30, 2015, increase the number of businesses recognizing Career Readiness Certificates by 10% over Year 2013-14 (from 13 to 15).

Raise at least $550 million in cumulative gifts and grants to support
the mission of Virginia’s Community Colleges.

19 Leverage Support From The Virginia Workforce System
Leverage funding and in-kind contributions from workforce partners and workforce funding streams.

20 Leverage VCCS Purchasing Volume
Implement structure needed to support Level II delegated authority for procurement for the system. Obtain authority by June 30, 2015.

  • Participate in shared procurement of computers with VCCS by December 2014.

21 Explore Planned Giving Opportunities
Work with VCCS Institutional Advancement staff to develop or expand planned giving programs at colleges.

  • As we await a system wide strategy, the Office of Institutional Advancement and the Foundation are executing a quarterly communications outreach strategy to enhance awareness of planned giving opportunities; will be launched by 8/1/14.

22 Increase Online Donations
Increase the number of online donations to the VFCCE by 20% over 2013-14.

  • As we await a system wide strategy, the Office of Institutional Advancement and the Foundation are working to increase/enhance (year over year) through PDCCC Foundation online giving tool.
    • Online giving represented less than 2% of total contributions to the Foundation in 2013-2014; we will work to increase this by 5% in FY 14-15.

23 Research VCCS Alumni Services
Explore opportunities to work with a consultant to conduct research for the development of alumni services for the VCCS.

  • As we await a system wide strategy, the Office of Institutional Advancement and the Foundation will partner to hire a part-time Alumni Relations Associate who will assist in developing a focused PDCCC Alumni Development Program. This role will be filled by 9/1/14.

24 Increase Revenues Generated By Workforce Development Services
Meet individual college targets established for revenues generated in excess of covering the direct costs in delivering workforce development services.

  • Throughout 2014-15 continue to mark up all training and consulting services provided by Workforce Development as appropriate on a case by case basis to exceed direct costs of delivery.
  • By March 1, 2015, complete supplemental grant funding search to keep public service programs such as Kids College and Encore Learning affordable to clients.

25 Develop Fundraising Goals
Establish annual fundraising goal for VFCCE by September 30, 2014. Begin evaluation of long-term planning process to assist in the development of fundraising goals to support the VCCS.

  • Strategic Fundraising Plan: Develop a new guidance document based on community and other stakeholder input to guide the Foundation for the next 3 to 5 years. The plan will be finalized by the May 2015 Foundation Board of Directors meeting. Other milestones include: development of scope of work (August 2014); hiring of consultant (Sept 2014), and initiation of planning (January 2015).
  • Investment Strategies – Review and update investment approach; this includes hiring a new Financial Advisor and re-assessing the Investment Plan by 9/15/14. Goal is to increase endowment growth with year over year comparison.
  • Foundation Dashboard – Develop key performance metrics which will dovetail with the strategic fundraising plan.
  • Board Member Development – Enhance the Board orientation approach, review job description/written responsibilities, build ongoing board education opportunities, develop a grid of talent needed on the Board, involve Board members in proactively participating in development activities, and other activities as they arise.
  • Update Board Operational/Organizational Materials – Update critical Board documents such as the Foundation’s Bylaws, procedural manual, and Articles of Incorporation by December 2014.
  • Refine objectives identified in Achieve 2015 Fundraising Goals – Raise at minimum $1 million in grants and increase by 20% giving from private Foundations, and for endowed/unendowed scholarships.
  • Hold a minimum of 4 (four) major fundraiser events for the Foundation/College, including the annual golf tournament, Educational dinner event, music concert, etc.
  • Research targeted Fundraising for Workforce scholarships…including endowed scholarship funds. Research results will be submitted by 1/1/15.
  • Work with the Office of the President to support free tuition opportunities for recent Franklin City Public High School graduates in partnership with local Foundations.

In order to accomplish the goals set forth in Achieve 2015- Take Two and these Chancellor’s Goals, various management goals are necessary.

26 Develop Strategic Plan for 2021
Develop and have approved the VCCS 2021 Strategic Plan.

27 Meet Management Standards
Meet specified academic, administrative, and financial Performance Standards required to receive incentives provided for in the Higher Education Restructuring Act.

  • PDCCC will develop a “Culture of Compliance” in dealing with all federal, state, local, and VCCS policies, regulations and procedures.

28 Performance Funding Initiation
Initiate performance funding model. All presidents will develop plans to strengthen student success during presidential evaluations in July. Plans will be submitted to the Chancellor by September 1, 2014. Outcomes of first year efforts will be submitted by June 30, 2015. (A&SD, IA, WFD, A&T)

  • Develop a dashboard of Key Result Areas (KRA) to monitor college performance and outcomes. (A&SD, IA, WFD, A&T)
  • PDCCC will convene a work group to examine student success and propose appropriate measurements and interventions to provide even greater student success.
  • This group will meet on or before July 31, 2014. Strategies to include Dual Enrollment Coordinator, Success Coaches, Community Development Clients, etc. will be explored. (A&T & A&SD)
  • PDCCC will prepare a performance based funding plan that focuses on measuring student success and other aspects of our strategic plan and Achieve 2015 and VCCS 2021 plans.

29 Develop Measures for Strategic Performance Model
Develop comprehensive measures and metrics for distributing funding according to performance standards.

30 Improve Efficiencies In Administrative Services
Initiate plan to implement best opportunities to improve efficiencies in administrative services across the system based on the Benchmarking Study / Opportunity Assessment Project.

  • Continue to seek efficiencies by participating in the TCC Financial Aid Back Office processing.
  • Quantify by established Service Level Agreement metrics, the efficiencies found in the PDCCC/TNCC Business Office Shared Services Model including but not limited to:
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Cashiering
    • Accounts Payable
    • Cash Disbursements
    • Purchasing
    • General Accounting
    • Grants Accounting
    • Cash
    • Debt Collection
    • Investments
    • Budget
    • Financial Audits
  • Work with Senior Staff and PAC to Develop “Culture of Compliance”
    • In-Services on Compliance
    • President Advisory Council meetings and training
    • College-wide and department specific training through TNCC
    • Training in Payroll Practices by VCCS

31 Develop VCCS Leadership
Develop structure to encourage internal mobility as well as external advancement.

  • Develop (or review and revise, as needed), in consultation with Human Resources, job descriptions for all part-time (non-adjunct) positions by May 31, 2015, and ensure that key positions also have individual development plans. (A&SD; A&T)

32 Consolidate Equipment Purchasing
Complete research and develop a program to consolidate computer equipment so that all colleges can participate during the remainder of the fiscal year.

  • Participate in a collaborative technology purchasing plan by December 2014.

33 Move Data Center
Complete the move of the VCCS enterprise data into a co-location facility, and work with the colleges to identify potential resource-saving measures related to the data center.

34 Migrate to Cloud Email
Develop plans to migrate all VCCS email to cloud-based solutions within the next two years.

  • PDCCC migrated to the Office 365 cloud-based email solution this past year.

35 Complete Internal Audit Plan
Complete the FY 2015 Internal Audit Plan.

  • Per the PDCCC/TNCC Service Level Agreement work to complete the ARMICS Review in a timely manner.

36 Complete High Risk Program Inventory
Develop and collect inventory of best practices for high risk instructional programs. Implement policies and reporting structures. Include training in all peer group meetings.

  • Develop comprehensive policies and procedures for high-risk instructional programs, incorporating best practices identified in the audit, by January 15, 2015. (A&SD & A&T)
  • Using the VCCS High Risk Program model as a starting point PDCCC will collect, implement, and train faculty, staff, and students on best practices for high risk instructional programs. These programs include but are not limited to:
    • Welding
    • HVAC
    • Electricity
    • Robotics
    • Fork Lift

37 Implement Diversity Plans
Implement appropriate recommendations from the diversity taskforce.

  • PDCCC will comply with the recommendations of the VCCS Diversity Task Force Including but not limited to:
    • Completion of an assessment of the PDCCC diversity.
    • Establishment of a diversity and inclusion vision for PDCCC’s future.
    • Determination of a timeframe for action.
    • Identification of PDCCC specific diversity and inclusion strategies.

38 Develop Statewide Marketing Campaign
Develop a marketing campaign promoting community college education statewide.

39 Other Management Goals
Facilities Improvements

  • Library Learning Commons Remodeling
    • Hobbs Campus – completion date July 2014
    • Franklin Campus – completion date July 2014
  • Workforce Development Center Water Mitigation
    • Franklin Campus – completion date October 1, 2014
  • Upgrade Two classrooms (Hobbs Campus Room 104/Franklin Room 122 )
    • Hobbs Campus – completion date September 1, 2014
    • Franklin Campus – completion date September 1, 2014
  • New Career Development Center
    • Franklin Campus – completion date December 1, 2014
  • Upgrade and improve space for GED Program
    • Franklin Campus – completion date August 31, 2014
  • Remodel and upgrade Allied Health Lab in Suffolk
  • Hobbs Campus – completion date December 2014Remodel PRJ Conference Room
    • Franklin Campus – completion date September 2014
  • Upgrade Room 129
    • Franklin Campus – completion date September 2014
  • Master Plan (to include a Landscaping Plan)
    • completion date to be determined: work with VCCS Facilities Management

40 Additional Goals Office of Institutional Advancement

  • Begin to establish updated “look” and apply to all internally generated PDCCC pieces by October 2014
  • Add a “LinkedIn” social media platform to PDCCC’s arsenal
  • Build enhanced awareness for PDCCC Sustainability Program by 9/15/14
  • Enhance donor cultivation with at minimum ten calls per month to targeted prospects
  • Seek planning grant funding to explore opportunities for PDCCC with Suffolk public library initiative, with the ultimate goal of creating student enrollment growth in the long-term.
  • Build on the work of the “Riverview Campus” concept begun by Smithfield 20/20 group.
  • Seek planning grant funding to expand the PDCCC brand
  • Seek one additional innovative fundraising partnerships, similar to 2014 LogistX Games

Community Engagement

41 Math Academy

  • Continue implementation of Math Academy-related initiatives including: (A&SD, IA)
    • Math Academy Saturdays (free tutoring) in Suffolk and Franklin
    • hosting a Math Symposium for area K-14 Math teacher/faculty
    • developing community math resource rooms in the LLCs on the Franklin and Suffolk campuses
    • developing a math academy-related Kids College opportunity for Summer 2015

Kids College

  • By March 1, 2015, complete Kids College Smithfield location assessment with Isle of Wight Schools (regarding program expansion to a local elementary school).

Encore Learning

  • By December 1, 2014, increase the number of Encore Program courses by (4) and the number of participants by (10).

TRIO Programs

  • Student Support Services and Upward Bound will engage with new Math Academy.

Cultural Enrichment

  • Movie Nights will continue on both campuses. Continue to seek opportunities with Smithfield Little Theater.
  • Explore Theater and Student Drama Club.
  • Partner with Suffolk Cultural Arts Center on performances or student engagement opportunities.
  • Explore ideas regarding a lecture series for the college and community.
  • Sponsor music concert as fundraiser and community event.

Career Development Center

  • Develop and implement a plan for sustaining a Career Development Center at the conclusion of the DOL TAACCT Grant. (A&SD, FAS, IA)


  • Continue to work with Suffolk City Council and Suffolk City Manager to develop PDCCC presence in new $20 million Suffolk Public Library.
  • Continue to operator Franklin Campus Library 7 days a week for students and community. Work with Franklin City Public Library for expanded resources, hours, and share community events.