Green Office Program

Green Office Program

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The Green Office Program engages staff, faculty and students in a voluntary initiative that promotes best environmental practices at Paul D. Camp Community College. The program supports and promotes offices that are taking steps toward reducing their environmental footprint. A series of checklists and helpful tools will guide you through three levels of certification (Bronze, Silver, and Gold).


  1. Educate the PDCCC community on sustainable practices
  2. Provide simple, tangible sustainability-focused actions
  3. Foster, recognize and reward leadership in sustainability
  4. Establish a culture of sustainability at PDCCC
  5. Conserve water and energy, minimize waste, and save money

What is an office?

You can define your own office! An office is a work area (administrative, academic or service) that shares common areas and resources. It may include just one or all of the offices within a unit or division. Your office maybe just you or a group of 20 people— all sizes are welcome to participate! Please include part-time and full-time staff, students (including interns) and faculty who use the space. Your office should include kitchens, meeting rooms, storage rooms and other shared spaces.

What will your Green Office receive?

Besides pride in a job well done and a greener, healthier planet, you will receive:

  • A certificate for each level achieved
  • Acknowledgement of your certification level on the PDCCC Sustainability web page
  • A digital logo to place on your own website or documents
  • A digital footer for your email signature file
  • Ongoing support to complete, maintain and advance your certification level