Fire Science (221-427-53)

Award: Certificate in Career Studies

Gainful Employment

Option: Fire Science Technology

Length: Twenty-nine (29) credit hours

Lead Faculty/Program Head: Mike Mavredes

Purpose: This program is designed to provide a broad-based knowledge of current and future advances in the Fire Science Technology field. Emerging technology in the fire and emergency service field requires that personnel keep abreast of the latest changes in specialized equipment and technology.

Occupational Objectives

This program leads to various careers such as:

  • firefighter
  • fire officer
  • fire protections specialist
  • fire/emergency instructor
  • fire or building inspector
  • fire investigator
  • rescue technician
  • emergency medical service
  • hazardous materials service
  • emergency manager
  • occupational safety and risk management
  • and related occupations

Admission Requirements

Students must meet the general admissions requirements established by the College.

Program Requirements

This program is designed to provide transferability to an AAS program where more in-depth knowledge in management is emphasized. Students who enter the Fire Science Technology program should interview with the program advisor prior to or during their first semester to appropriately plan their individual study in the Fire Science Technology program. Although there are no physical requirements such as height, weight, eyesight, and physical dexterity to enter the program, the student should understand that there may likely be some requirements such as these to be eligible for employment in the fire/rescue service agencies.

Course Schedule

Course Number, Title, Credits

Fall Term
SDV 100 College Success Skills3 1
ENG 111 College Composition I 3
ITE 115 Intro. Computer Application & Concepts 3
FST 100 Principles of Emergency Services 3
FST 110 Fire Behavior and Combustion 3
FST 220 Building Construction for Fire Protection 3
EMT 109 CPR for Healthcare Providers1 1
Total Minimum Credits 17

Spring Term
FST 121 Prin. Fire & Emergency Safety/Surv. 3
FST 115 Fire Prevention 3
FST 235 Strategy and Tactics 3
FST 135 Fire Instructor I2 3
Total Minumum Credits 12

Total Minumum Credits 29

1 HLT 110 (2 credits) can substitute for EMT 109 (1 credit).
2 CST 100 (3 credits) can substitute for FST 135 (3 credits).
3 SDV 108 (2 credits) can substitute for SDV 100 (1 credit).