Gaming Design & Development (221-299-70)

Award: Certificate in Career Studies

Gainful Employment

Option: Game Design and Development

Length: 28 Credit Hours

Lead Faculty/Program Head: Audrey Lawrence

Purpose: This program is designed to prepare students for entry-level positions as:

  • Game Designer
  • Developer
  • Tester
  • Modeler
  • Programmer
  • Animator
  • Documenter

Occupational Objectives

Game Design and Development program will provide training for the growing Gaming industry, which has reached billions of dollars in sales. Many industries are incorporating games into their business. Some of these industries are: medical, transportation, security, information technology, human resources, and military.

A substantial number of websites for government, non-profit organizations and private industry are offering games and other types of animation. Games are used as a hook to get the customer to play and therefore spend more time visiting that particular site. The longer a customer is on a site, the more inclined he/she is to really look at the site and make purchases. There is also a growing need to produce games for all types of platforms: computers, home consoles, cell phones and other hand-held devices.

Students completing a certificate in Game Design and Development will be able to enter the workforce with entry-level skills to be a Game Designer, Developer, Tester, Modeler, Programmer, Animator and Documenter.

Admission Requirements

Students must meet the general admissions requirements established by the College.

Course Schedule

Course Number, Title, Credits

ITE 115 Introduction to Computer Applications & Concepts 3
ITP 160 Introduction to Game Design and Development 4
DRF 238 Computer Aided Modeling And Development I 3
DRF 239 Computer Aided Modeling And Development II 3
MTH 163 Precalculus I 3
ITP 132 C++ Programming I 4
ITP 232 C++ Programming II 4
ITD 112 Designing Web Page Graphics 4
Total Minimum Credits 28