Medical Office Billing Clerk (221-285-73)

Award: Certificate in Career Studies

Gainful Employment

Option: Medical Office Billing Clerk

Length: Twenty-eight (28) credit hours. (Designed for both part-time and full-time students, this certificate program may be completed in 2-3 semesters depending on student’s course load.)

Lead Faculty/Program Head: Cinda Schmitt

Purpose: This program is designed for persons seeking employment as a medical office billing clerk or for those presently in business who desire to increase their knowledge or update their skills. This certificate fulfills requirements to sit for the National Exam for Certified Reimbursement Specialist (CRS). Upon completion, graduates will be prepared to assume entry level positions as medical office billing clerks.

Occupational Objectives

  • Certified Reimbursement Specialist
  • Medical Office Billing Clerk
  • Medical Office Trainee
  • Medical Coder/Auditor
  • Office Services Trainee
  • Skills Upgrading for Office Personnel

Admission Requirements

In addition to the general admission requirements of the College, entry into the Medical Office Billing Clerk Career Studies Certificate requires proficiency in basic arithmetic and English. Students who are not proficient in these subjects will be required to correct their deficiencies in developmental courses. To enter the Medical Office Billing Clerk Career Studies Certificate program, students must have completed AST 102 and AST 141 or have the equivalent keyboarding and word processing skills.

Program Requirements

The curriculum in Medical Office Billing Clerk Career Studies Certificate combines instruction in the areas required for competence as an entry-level employee in business, government, and other organizations. Candidates for the Medical Office Billing Clerk Career Studies Certificate must successfully complete all required courses and must earn a minimum grade of “C” in all ACC, AST, HLT, and MDA courses. All HIM and MDA
classes (except MDA 207) have a pre- and/or co-requisite of HLT 143 (Medical Terminology I) and HLT 144 (Medical Terminology II).

Course Schedule

Course Number, Title, Credits

Fall Term
HLT 143 Medical Terminology I 3
AST 271 Medical Office Procedures 3
MDA 209 Medical Office Insurance 2
MDA 208 Medical Coding 2
ACC 211 Principles of Accounting 3
MDA 207 Medical Law & Ethics 2
Total 15

Spring Term
HLT 144 Medical Terminology II 3
AST 205 Business Communications 3
MDA 210 Medical Office Software Application 1
HIM 110 Intro. To Human Pathology 3
HIM 151 Reimbursement Issues 2
MDA 296 On-Site Training 1
Total 13

Total Minimum Credits 28