Nurse Aide (221-157-04)

Award: Certificate in Career Studies

Gainful Employment

Option: Nurse Aide

Length: Twenty-four (24) credit hours

Lead Faculty/Program Head: Debbie Hartman

Purpose: The Nurse Aide program is designed to prepare persons for full-time employment as nursing assistants.

Occupational Objectives

Nursing Assistant

Admission Requirements

Students must meet the general admission requirements of the College, be in good general heath and capable of strenuous lifting. Students must submit a separate application to the Nursing Head for approval prior to beginning nurse aide (HCT) classes. Students must have and maintain an overall 2.0 GPA to be admitted to nurse-aide courses. Students must submit copies of all high school or GED scores and college transcripts.

  • Current Tetanus
  • Hepatitis Series started (can be obtained at Health Department)
  • Rubeola/Rubella (MMR): Need chickenpox immunization or titer documenting immunization.
  • TB Test

Developmental Studies: To ensure that each student has the proper educational basis to succeed in the nurse aide courses, all students must take placement tests in mathematics, written English, and reading. Students must take any developmental courses recommended in the evaluation of the placement test scores. For further information see Developmental Studies.

It is important that these developmental courses are completed as quickly as possible so that the student will be appropriately prepared to pursue this program of study. A review of the catalog requirements at PDCCC for the Nurse-Aide Career Studies Certificate would be appropriate to both assist and guide a prospective student. For more information, contact the administrative assistants at Paul D. Camp Community College, Franklin Campus, room 136K, 757.569.6731, or email

Course Schedule

Course Number, Title, Credits

*HCT 101 Health Care Technician I 4
*HCT 102 Health Care Technician II 4
*EMT 109 CPR for Healthcare Providers 1
ENG 1111 College Composition I 3
ITE 1152 Intro. Computer App. & Concepts 3
Electives3 9
Total Minimum Credits 24

*Only classes Pre-nursing need to take.

1 May substitute ENG 101
2 May substitute AST elective
3 Choose From any HLT, HCT, or MDL courses, SDV 106 or HMS 231.
One SPD course may be used to fulfill elective requirements.