Professional Welder-Fabricator (221-995-78)

Award: Certificate in Career Studies

Gainful Employment

Option: Professional Welder-Fabricator

Length: Sixteen (16) credit hours

Lead Faculty/Program Head: Doug Wiggins

Purpose: The purpose of this program is to train the entrant to be able to weld and read blueprints. Reading blueprints and then fabricating the object by welding will be the core of this program.

Occupational Objectives

The program entrant shall be able to read any industry shop drawing or print and then fabricate the object without supervision using the most efficient welding process available.

Admission Requirements

An eighth-grade reading level shall be required as well as general college admission requirements.

Course Schedule

Course Number, Title, Credits

DRF 166 Blueprint Reading for Welders 2
IND 113 Materials and Processes in Manufacturing 3
WEL 123 Arc Welding I 3
WEL 124 Arc Welding II 3
WEL 117 Oxyacetylene Welding & Cutting 3
WEL 135 Inert Gas Welding 2
Total Minimum Credits 16