Industrial/ Residential Wiring (221-883-65)

Award: Certificate in Career Studies

Gainful Employment

Option: Industrial/Residential Wiring

Length: Twenty-five (25) credit hours

Lead Faculty/Program Head: James Forrest

Purpose: This program is designed for persons seeking employment in electrical-related fields, those presently seeking work in industrial/residential wiring, or those who desire to increase their knowledge or update skills.

Occupational Objectives

  • Construction Electrician
  • Maintenance Electrician

Admission Requirements

Students must meet the general admissions requirements established by the College.

Course Schedule

Course Number, Title, Credits

ETR 113 AC & DC Fundamentals I 4
ETR 114 AC & DC Fundamentals II 4
DRF 175 Schematic and Mechanical Diagrams 2
ELE 133 Practical Electricity I 3
ELE 134 Practical Electricity II 3
ELE 135 National Electric Code 3
ELE 160 Power Controls 3
ELE 116 Electrical Construction Estimating 2
Total Minimum Credits 24