Transfer Resources

The transfer process can be an exciting, smooth transition from here to the college or university of your choice. PDCCC will provide helpful resources for you, but it is the student’s responsibility to seek out and utilize these resources.

  • The key is to plan early, preferably your first semester at PDCCC or even before you register for any classes. Transfer counselors are available to help you in the Student Support Services office.
  • Become familiar with the course requirements of your PDCCC degree program. Don’t be afraid to ask a counselor, or your faculty advisor, if you have questions about your program.
  • Decide on a major that interests you. You must state your choice of major when you apply for transfer to the four-year college.
  • Find out what math and other courses are required for the major you have selected. Our Transfer Counselors can help you with this process.
  • Visit the college campuses that interest you as soon as possible and make an appointment to meet with an admissions counselor to discuss the transfer process and any prerequisite courses required for your major.
  • Submit the FAFSA (Federal Student Aid Application) in early January (before the fall you plan to transfer) and list each college that interests you. Also fill out any financial aid forms that individual colleges require. You may do this before you apply and are accepted to the colleges. If the student and/or parent tax returns are not completed, the FAFSA can be filed with estimated income numbers in order to meet the priority deadline. After the tax returns have been filed, the income numbers must be updated on the FAFSA.