On-Ramp Resources

Virginia Education Wizard: Online tool developed to help students and potential students explore their interest, research careers, find college majors, estimate and compare college costs, find and apply for financial aid and scholarships, plan their transfer from community college to four-year institutions and apply for admission to community colleges.

Virginia Employment Commission
Virginia Jobs
Virginia Department of Human Resource Management

Social Media Tools

LinkUp.com A search engine that lists jobs that are found on company and employer web sites. The free service uncovers what LinkUp calls ‘hidden jobs’ because they are typically unadvertised outside of a company’s web sites and can be difficult to find if you don’t know where to look.

Real-Time Job Apps: This free app promotes finding a job with one single tap from your iPhone or iPod Touch. It enables job seekers to attach an online CV, social media profile and/or a video CV to job offers that have been posted. The “quickpitch” feature makes the tedious search process a breeze and actually streamlines the antiquated job application process of the last century.

Job Compass: Considered one of the highest rated job search apps by The Talent Buzz, Job Compass is a free app that searches through millions of jobs across the U.S. You can actually geo-target them on a map in relationship to your current location. Once located, you can then immediately apply for the position. This app works on Edge, 3G or WiFi and includes a video tutorial and email support.