Clean River Day

The Science Club would like to express much appreciation for the support and active participation of Dr. Conco during its cleaning activities on the Clean River Day, Saturday April 20, 2013. Our appreciation also goes to Ms. Sandra Walker and her daughter, Ms. Walker, who is one of our students here at PDC; as well as Ms. Wendy Harrison and her husband, Mr. Harrison. Mr. Jeff Turner, The Blackwater River Manager and Ms. Felice Hancock, Franklin Campus librarian have greatly facilitated our activities.
The Science Club President, Mr. Jordan Hewett was head of nine other Science Club members involved in cleaning activities. We are all pleased with the support from the college.
In total, 14 persons expended two hours in the cleaning effort; gathered 12 bags of trash from two sites in downtown Franklin, namely, retention ponds behind the Methodist Church and off Bogart Street.