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College Catalog: Business and Management: Logistics Management

Program: Logistics Management
Award: Career Studies Certificate
Plan Code: 221-370-01
Length: 16 credit hours, 3 terms. The program is designed for both full-time and part-time students. Length may vary.
Lead Faculty: Brad Schmidt

Purpose: The online Logistics Management Career Studies Certificate program is designed to prepare workers for careers in the growing demand of transportation and warehousing management. This curriculum is designed to prepare students in the study of the principles of organization and management as it relates to logistics. Courses in transportation, warehousing, inventory control, material handling, computerization, and federal transportation and OSHA regulations will be emphasized. The program prepares students to organize a warehouse and distribution center operation. In addition it prepares students to manage a warehouse and distribution operation and the personnel in that operation.

Occupational Objectives: The following occupational titles represent examples of possible employment or advancement opportunities: Shipping, Receiving, Dispatching, Inventory Control Manager, Warehouse Manager, Warehouse Department Manager or Area Manager, Manager Trainee

Transfer Options: This is a non-transfer program. BUS 111 is transferable to Management (212) AAS General Business Management (212-01 ) AAS or Marketing Management (212-04) AAS

Student Learning Outcomes: Logistics Management Career Studies Certificate graduates will demonstrate the ability to:

  1. Understand the role and practice of logistics within an organization, including theoretical and applied aspects of the warehousing/distribution discipline.
  2. Apply a wide variety of computer software skills to business communication media including written reports and operational plans using Microsoft office software and business presentations using power point.
  3. Think logically and analytically in proposing plans and creating strategies that may be considered in complex warehousing and logistics issues facing organizations.
  4. Recognize and evaluate the components of a warehousing and logistics organization including layout, material handling, and communications, shipping utilities, and building design.
  5. Demonstrate basic principles of human relationship skills which can be used to successfully interrelate with customers, associates, employees, and superiors in a business setting while adhering to a strong set of generally-accepted ethical principles.
  6. Understand the concepts necessary to address warehouse and logistics trade-offs between space and time in optimizing a modern warehousing and logistics organization.

Admission Requirements: Students must meet the general admission requirements established by the College. In addition to the admissions requirements established by the College. Placement testing is not required.

Logistics Management CSC (221-370-01)
Required Courses and Credits
Fall Semester
BUS 255 Inventory and Warehouse Management 3
BUS 223 Distribution and Transportation 3
Spring Semester
MKT 216 Retain Organization and Management 3
BUS 111 Principles of Supervision 3
Summer Semester
BUS 149 Workplace Ethics 1
BUS 234 Supply Chain Management 3
Total Program Credits 16