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College Catalog: General Academic Requirements and Policies

Academic Load

The normal academic course load for a student is 15-17 credits. The maximum full-time load is 18 credits. A student wishing to carry an academic load of more than 18 credits must ordinarily have a minimum GPA of 2.500 and must have the approval of the Vice President of Academic and Student Development and the student’s academic advisor and/or counselor.


It is preferable that students attend all classes for each course in which they are enrolled. Regular class attendance is required for satisfactory course completion. Occasionally, it is unavoidable for students to miss a class. In such a case students should notify their instructor prior to the absence, if possible. Absence in excess of 30% of the scheduled instructional time for a course constitutes unsatisfactory progress and may result in administrative withdrawal or failure in the course. An individual instructor has the right to require a higher percentage of class attendance than stated in this attendance policy as long as it is stated in writing in the course outline. It is the responsibility of the student to find out what assignments were missed and to ask the instructor how to make them up, if make-up is possible.

Auditing a Course

Students may attend a course without taking examinations or receiving college credit for the course by registering to audit that course. To register, follow the registration steps and pay the required tuition. Audited courses carry no credit, do not count as part of the student’s course load, and cannot be used to receive financial aid.

Class Cancellation

The College reserves the right to cancel any class due to low enrollments, which it considers to be in the best interest of managing state funds.

Procedure for Changing Academic Program/Plan

  • Consult an advisor or counselor for guidance on selecting an academic plan and career pathway.
  • Complete and submit a signed Program/Plan Change Form to the Office of Admissions and Records for processing.
  • Forms can be obtained in the Office of Admissions and Records or at www.pdc.edu/admissions/forms/

Final Examinations

All students are expected to take their final examinations at the regularly scheduled times. No exceptions will be made without the permission of the Vice President of Academic and Student Development.

Financial Requirements

Students must meet published deadlines for paying tuition. If the method of payment is rejected (a dishonored check, for example) the student will be withdrawn from the class. Also, a student’s continued attendance is dependent upon proper settlement of all debts owed to the College. Failure to satisfy all debts will result in suspension. If suspended, the student will not be allowed to register in any subsequent semester until all delinquent accounts are satisfied.

Repeating Academic Courses

Students will be limited to two (2) enrollments in the same credit course. Requests to enroll in the same course more than twice must be documented and approved by a Dean. This limitation does not apply to courses identified as general usage courses, such as internships, seminars and supervised studies. When a course is repeated, the most recent grade received will be the one used in computation of the curriculum grade point average when the student graduates. All grades remain on the transcript. The last grade for a course will be used to calculate the student’s cumulative GPA.

Unexpected Delay of an Instructor in Meeting a Class

If an instructor is late or will be absent from a class, students should check Blackboard and email for announcements and instructions regarding assignments.

Administrative Withdrawal

Students who have either not attended class or who have been absent the equivalent of three of the first four weeks of class (75%) may be administratively withdrawn. The College does not, however, have the responsibility for withdrawing a student from a course due to lack of attendance and that failure to withdraw officially will result in a grade of “F”.

Withdrawal from a Course

Withdrawal from a course without academic penalty is possible prior to sixty-percent completion of the session at which time the student will receive a grade of “W”. After that time, the student will receive a grade of “F” except under mitigating circumstances, which must be documented. A copy of this documentation will be placed in the student’s academic files.

Withdrawal from the College

  • Contact and consult with your PDCCC advisor, coach, or counselor.
  • Take care of your financial responsibility to the College. This may require contacting the Financial Aid Office and/or the Business Office. Follow the procedures for course withdrawal.