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College Catalog: Science, Technology, and Computing: Geographic Information Systems Technician

Program: Geographic Information Systems Technician
Award: Career Studies Certificate
Plan Code: 221-719-71
Length: Fifteen to Seventeen (15-17) Credit Hours
Lead Faculty: Robert Tureman

Purpose: The Geographic Information Systems Technician Career Studies Certificate trains students to provide technical assistance, support, and advice to customers and other users. The goal of this program is to prepare students to apply geospatial problem solving techniques to problems in the workplace. Geospatial problem solving brings together computing support, database technology, mapping, high resolution content, and computing resources to present data in new, visual ways to help analyze and solve problems. This occupational group includes technical support specialists and help-desk technicians. These troubleshooters interpret problems and provide technical support for hardware, software, and systems. In smaller firms, the support specialists will solve a variety of computing problems to help businesses serve their customers. In addition, many organizations now have GIS content presented and maintained on web sites, and the GIS technician often maintains and uses that information.

Occupational Objectives: Skills Upgrading for Office Personnel, Technical Support Specialist, Computer Support Specialist, Office Automation Specialist, Office Computing Liaison, Geographic Information Systems Technician

Admission Requirements: Students must meet general admission requirements established by the College. General keyboarding and computer skills are required.

Geographic Information Systems Technician (221-719-71)
Required Courses and Credits
GIS 101 Introduction to Geospatial Technology I 3
GIS 102 Introduction to Geospatial Technology II 3
GIS 200 Geographical Information Systems I 3
GIS Elective GIS Approved Electives (see note 1) 6-8
Total Program Credits 15 to 17

Note 1 – The GIS Electives can be technical electives or application electives based on student needs. Acceptable technical elective courses are GIS 201, GIS 215, ITE 140 or ITE 150. ITE 55 can also be chosen, but only if the student passes a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification test. Any GIS prefix or titled course can also be used in this requirement. Acceptable application electives would be those classes enhanced by the faculty to include a significant GIS application component. The current courses in this category are ENV 230, BIO 270, ITE 130, and CSC 200. The two science classes and GIS 215 are 4 credits each, which accounts for the credit hour variation. With prior approval of the program advisor, the elective credits can also be a sequence of courses (part I and II) from an area the student wishes to use to develop GIS projects.

Note 2 – Students working in the GIS field may be able to use these courses to count toward professional certification. Students are encouraged to visit the GIS Certification Institute (www.gisci.org) for more information. GIS 101 is the only GIS prefixed course offered by PDCCC as an online course. All other GIS courses are offered in a traditional or hybrid classroom format. This includes institute style offerings of GIS 102 and 200 to accommodate the needs of working professionals.