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College Catalog: Student Conduct Policy: Student Conduct Overview

Under the authority of the Chancellor of the Virginia Community College System, the College is delegated the responsibility for establishing and enforcing regulations pertaining to student conduct. Paul D. Camp Community College is committed to maintaining a safe learning environment with commitment to students. It is our duty to uphold a policy of honesty in academic affairs. Each individual is considered a responsible adult, and it is assumed that men and women of college age will maintain standards of conduct appropriate to membership in the college community. The College refrains from imposing a rigid code of discipline, but reserves the right to take disciplinary action compatible with its own interest when it is clearly necessary. Disciplinary action may be initiated by a complaint in writing filed by any member of the college community, including members of the faculty, staff, and student body. The complaint must be filed with the appropriate Division Dean, who will then begin an immediate investigation of the alleged violation.