Lydick, David

Dave Lydick

Name: David H. Lydick

Title: Professor

Department: General Business: Management and Marketing

Campus: Suffolk

Office Location: Faculty Office Room 112C

Phone: 757.925.6325



I have been teaching Business and Marketing Management (17 different courses) at Paul D. Camp Community College for the past 21 years. I have taught as an Adjunct Instructor at the Old Dominion University, Saint Leo University, Golden Gate University, Virginia Wesleyan College, Tidewater Community College and the Northern Virginia Community College since 1978.

Prior to teaching, my careers included 13 years with the Sales & Marketing Department of the Verizon Telephone Company, Assistant Credit Manager with Dominion Power Company, and the American Consulting Enterprises as a sole proprietor. I have been a manager, a union member (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers–IBEW, and the Communications Workers’ of America–CWA) and a union shop steward. My career experiences give me a “real life”— view of our 21st century work place. I also served with the United States Army Security Agency for four years including one tour in the Republic of South Vietnam.

I have and continue to travel extensively, including trips to: Brazil, Bermuda, Canada, England, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Philippines, Portugal, Scotland, Spain and Vietnam. There is a heavy international emphasis in most of the classes I teach here at Paul D. Camp and I will share many of my personal experiences with you!

I was not a good student in high school–almost didn’t graduate. But, realizing that education is one key to a successful life, my college experience began as a part-time student at a community college while still in the Army and married and raising a family. So while I empathize with you I do not sympathize with you. I’ve been there and done it and so can you!