Chitwood, Linda

Linda Chitwood

Name: Linda Chitwood

Title: Assistant Professor of Nursing

Department: Nursing

Campus: Franklin

Office Location: 135J

Phone: 757.569.6765



I have lived near the small town of Ivor since moving here from the Western part of Virginia in 1976. Initially, I was amazed by the rural nature of Southampton County, but I quickly adapted and I am very proud to call Ivor and surrounding Southampton County “home”. My husband, Lannie, was the Game Warden in Southampton County (and eventually 4 other adjoining counties) for over 30 years. My two children were born and raised here and my son, Mark, is a graduate of PDCCC and works as a State Trooper for this area. My daughter, Alison, is a graduate of Southampton High School (Class of ’98). She went straight to Virginia Tech after graduating, and eventually transferred to the Medical College of Virginia School of Dental Hygiene and graduated in 2004. Both of my children are married and they have gifted me with grandchildren. I am a very proud “MiMi”–just ask me about my wonderful grandchildren!

I am active member of nearby Millfield Baptist Church. I serve in many positions and I am thankful for the opportunity to do so.

Most of my career has been teaching nursing. I am a proud graduate of the Medical College of Virginia School of Nursing, class of ’74. I obtained my Master’s Degree in Community Health Education from Old Dominion University in 1985. I worked as a Home Health Nurse in this area for over 12 years and I loved caring for people in their homes. I have also worked at a variety of schools of nursing and I am delighted to now be teaching at PDCCC. I sincerely enjoy teaching the art and science of nursing and I look forward to many more years here at PDCCC.