SANS Secure the Human

Security Awareness Training using SANS

The State of Virginia requires that all employees participate in security awareness training every year.

To meet this mandate, PDCCC is using SANS Secure the Human for all full time and adjunct credit faculty, full time staff, administrators and part time staff with LAN access.  The training is completed online and a certificate of completion is awarded when all modules have been successfully completed and the documents in the Paul D. Camp Community College Vault have been read. The online database keeps a record of all of those who complete the training and provides the certificate for the employees to keep for their own records.

In order to have LAN access, all employees must successfully complete the SANS training within 30 days of starting employment with the college. Re-certification is required yearly in order to retain LAN access. Users are automatically notified when re-certification is required.

The training provides faculty, staff, and administrators with valuable information about best practices, policies, and procedures for ensuring secure information systems at PDCCC. Our goal is for everyone to enjoy a safe computing environment.

As an employee, you will receive an email from SANS with your username and password. When it is time for you to retake SANS (it must be done yearly), you will receive notification.

To log into SANS Secure the Human the link is:

For more information please contact
Daniel Ferrell
IT Security & Network Analyst