Reserve a vehicle using Outlook

Vehicles are named:

Reserve a Vehicle using Outlook

Reserve a Vehicle using Outlook

Reserve a Vehicle using Outlook

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#Franklin Nursing Van #Franklin Workforce Van
#Hobbs Large Van #Hobbs Small Van
  • Open your Outlook Calendar
  • Click on New Meeting
  • Click on TO: (Look in the Offline Global Address Book and SELECT THE DESIRED VEHICLE)
  • Click on RESOURCES: the vehicle you have selected will go into the Resources field. Click OK and the vehicle address appears in the TO field

Select vehicle

  • Fill in your start and end dates and times.
  • In the message area, fill in what the vehicle will be used for! YOU MUST EXPLAIN THE USE OF THE VEHICLE.
  • When all information is filled in, click on SEND

Date information

  • You will receive an email letting you know if the vehicle is available and has been reserved for you. Please print and use this email as proof that you requested the vehicle for your travel.
  • If someone else has reserved the desired vehicle at that time, you will receive an email that declines your request and tells you who has reserved, for what, and the times. This email also serves as your proof of request for travel.

Email examples:

Accepted emailDeclined email