Textbook Purchase

We are pleased to announce that PDCCC offers textbooks directly to students on-line and in person. Depending on the type of aid you received and whether you have remaining awards after tuition charges, you may be able to charge these books against financial aid.

Please note that if you overcharge your account, you will be responsible for repayment. Overcharges usually occur due to changes in enrollment level after purchasing books. Students must promptly return the books for dropped classes or pay for them.

Books are able to be charged to Financial Aid starting ten days before the semester begins until the last date to drop (usually two weeks into the semester) only:

Please see the College Bookstore to view the book list for the current semester.
Textbook Purchase Periods:

Fall 2015 – August 11- September 8

Spring 2016 – January 4 – February 1

Summer 2016 – May 13- June 3