Federal Work-Study funds are available to eligible students as part of their financial aid package.  Listed below are the general steps and forms for Federal Work-Study (FWS). For in-depth information and rules, please view the entire Federal Work-Study Handbook.

Federal Work-Study (FWS) Student Expectations

Thank you for your interest in working a job to further your educational goals. All awarded funds must be earned one hour at a time.  Below are the general steps and expectations.If you have any questions about your FWS position or responsibilities, you are encouraged to speak with your campus FWS Coordinator.

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Federal Work-Study (FWS) Supervisor Expectations

Thank you for your interest in helping provide valuable training to our students. While we will do everything we can to fulfill all requests, we cannot guarantee placement.  Also, if you are requesting a student due to an open position in your department, you will need to fill that position before requesting a student employee, to be in compliance with federal rules.

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FWS Campus Coordinators:

Franklin: Lois Darden

Suffolk/Smithfield: Marie Linton