Fire Science Technology Program to be Offered on Franklin Campus at Paul D. Camp Community College

Paul D. Camp Community College is offering Fire Science Technology courses on our Franklin Campus that lead to a Career Studies Certificate and, ultimately, the potential to earn a higher salary in the field.
Completing the 29 credit hour program can lead to careers, such as firefighter, fire officer, fire protections specialist, fire/emergency instructor, fire or building inspector, fire investigator, rescue technician, emergency medical service, hazardous materials service, emergency manager, occupational safety and risk management and other related occupations.
“This program will go much more in depth than basic firefighter classes,” said Instructor Jerry Beaton. “Having this certificate can make a difference when it comes to getting hired— the odds will be in your favor.”
Typically, a firefighter works 10 days a month, in 24-hour shifts. Beaton said that with the Career Studies Certificate, a firefighter can earn a salary in the range of $37,000-$55,000 and even more in larger cities.
A captain (retired) with Franklin Fire and Rescue, Beaton has also served as a volunteer for the organization ever since his retirement in 1984. He has taught as an adjunct at the College since 1964 when industrial firefighting was offered at PDCCC.
He serves as the training officer for all 10 fire and rescue departments in Southampton County.
“A person who wants to be in this line of work should be a people person,” said Beaton. “You have to have compassion for people and have a good ethic.
“The joy you get from this is addictive. It is very rewarding work.”
The program is designed to provide transferability to an AAS program where more in depth knowledge of management is emphasized. Registration has already begun. Spring 2014 classes start Jan. 6, 2014 from 6 to 9 p.m. Participants enrolling in the course should be affiliated with a local fire department.
For more information, call Beaton at 757.742.2956.