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Career coaching began in Virginia in 2005 with 11 coaches. The program has grown to include more than 117 coaches serving in over 172 high schools throughout the state. In 2009, more than 18,000 students were assisted in developing individualized career plans. Empowering young people to make informed decisions regarding their future and to actively map the pathways that meet their goals is the objective of each career coaVA Education Wizard Logoch. For more information, visit: Career Coaches

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Western Tidewater Service Area

All public high schools in the Paul D. Camp Community College service area have a part-time career coach. Career coaches work in high schools to assist and motivate students to graduate and enroll in postsecondary education and training for a successful transition to the skilled workforce.

Career coaches can provide assistance in the development of a student’s career pathway plan as well as support in the college application process, including: financial aid, scholarship acquisition, counseling and career assessment, and assistance with dual enrollment.

A career coach can also coordinate career-focused opportunities by sponsoring field trips, in-school career fairs, activities specifically for graduating students, and professional speakers to motivate and encourage students.

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Out-of-School Youth Program Newsletter
Out-of-School Youth Program Newsletter January 2014 – April 2014

Career Coaches and School Assignments

Candice Artis
Career Coach Supervisor
Lakeland High School & Southampton High School
Lakeland High School Telephone: 757.925.5790
Southampton Telephone: 757.653.2751

Olivia Crawley
Franklin High School & Windsor High School
Franklin Telephone: 757.562.5187
Windsor High School Telephone: 757.242.6172

Ester Harrell
Nansemond River High School
Nansemond River Telephone: 757.923.4101

Jacqueline Matthews
Lakeland High School & Kings Fork High School
Lakeland High School Telephone: 757.925.5790
King’s Fork Telephone: 757.923.5240

Daryl Savage
Smithfield high School
Smithfield Telephone: 757.357.3108