New Career Development Center Opens at PDCCC’s Franklin Campus

Paul D. Camp Community College is pleased to announce the opening of its new Career Development Center at its Franklin campus.


“We hope to truly help and enable students in our area. The Center will be a tremendous benefit to the region and to the College and we’re incredibly excited to be opening these new Career Development Centers on our campuses,” says Dr. Paul Wm. Conco, Paul D. Camp Community College President.


The goal of the Paul D. Camp Community College Career Development Center is to support and guide students through career discovery to employment. This work is accomplished through a broad array of programs and services that focus on student’s individual needs–empowering them to make informed career and educational decisions.


Angela Lawhorne, Paul D. Camp Community College Coordinator of Career Development Center and Job Placement, says, “Our mission is to provide students with opportunities to learn about potential career options, teach them the skills needed to market themselves successfully to the professional marketplace, and maximize their employment opportunities.”


She added, “We expect each student to be the primary stakeholder in his or her own career development process. Partnering with students, employers, and the community, we can make the Paul D. Camp Career Development Center ‘the place’ to recruit in the professional marketplace.”


Activities as outlined below are those for Paul D. Camp Community College students and those for employers.


For students, the Career Development Center will:


  • Provide preparation for a professional job search. This preparation will be timely and specific; it will teach students to be self-reliant, while providing students with concrete information, ideas and job leads.
  • Maximize employment opportunities. While continuing to provide a first-class traditional recruiting operation, the Center will develop new and innovative ways to connect students with potential employers.
  • Provide workshops and one-on-one assistance to include:  Individual educational and career plans, assistance with admissions and funding, referrals to supportive services, resume and cover letter assistance, interviewing skills, and assistance with Labor Market Information and job search.


For employers, the Career Development Center will:


  • Provide the best prepared and most professional candidates.
  • Provide opportunities to create and fill job internships
  • Provide personalized, pro-active, flexible and professional services.
  • Assist employers in their efforts to effectively recruit our students.


Dr. Conco added, “The Career Development Center is for students of all ages.  We have adults looking for a career change, working students looking to upgrade their skills, and workers who have been laid off and need a new direction.    We can help those not only with choosing training programs, but with choosing an occupation or career that matches skills and interests that will lead to satisfying long-term employment.  We are pleased and proud to offer this important and life changing service to our community.”


The Suffolk branch of the Career Development Center is expected to open later in 2012.


For more information about the new Career Development Centers, contact Ms. Lawhorne at 757-569-6785 or via