Paul D. Camp Community College Hires Candice Artis as Full-Time Career Coach

~Grant from Hampton Roads Community Foundation allows the college to expand its high school career coach program~
PDCCC Candice Artis

Candice Artis of Drewryville has been hired as Paul D. Camp Community College’s new full-time High School Career Coach.

This position is funded by a $90,000 grant awarded over a three-year period to the College by the Hampton Roads Community Foundation. That announcement was made in July 2013.


“Ms. Artis will provide leadership for our High School Career Coach initiative and provide support, encouragement and guidance to hundreds of students each year to ensure they leave high school with a plan for the future,” said Dr. Tara Atkins-Brady, Vice President of Academic and Student Services at PDCCC.


As part of her duties, Artis will be supervising a team of four existing coaches who cover all the public high schools in the College’s service region while they carry out the objective of the program—to guide and support students so that they make informed decisions about their future and to help them map pathways to meet their goals. They motivate students to graduate and continue their education for a successful transition to the skilled workforce.


Artis is not new to the College, as she previously served as the In-School Youth Program Coordinator. She is also an adjunct faculty member at PDCCC, teaching dual enrollment Biology classes at Lakeland High School.


“This new position gives me the opportunity to service more students and be more engaged in school activities with the youth,” said Artis in comparing the job to her former position. “The coaches already have their individual unique approach to coaching, which will make my job easier.”


Artis earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Norfolk State University and a Master of Science degree in Biology from Virginia State University. She teaches biology as an adjunct faculty member at Thomas Nelson Community College as well, and she plans to pursue her doctorate in the near future.


She serves as a member of the Academic and Student Development Leadership Team at PDCCC and is a Youth Advisor and choir member at Mount Tabor Baptist Church.


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