Paul D. Camp Community College Launches Online New Student Orientation

Paul D. Camp Community College now has an online version of its “New Student Orientation” designed to assist current and potential students in getting valuable information about the College. The new online orientation can be found by visiting:
This tool contains helpful information in an easy-to-follow format and includes interactive VIDEOS and fun QUIZZES to test your knowledge. The topics covered include:

  • Educational Tips while at Paul D. Camp Community College
  • Degrees and Counseling
  • Enrollment and Classes
  • Technology
  • Financial Aid
  • Student Activities
  • Safety and Student Conduct
  • And much more!

Also, the new online orientation contains important links to the College’s website, its Facebook page, the “Virginia Education Wizard” tool, and other online tools.
Dr. Paul Wm. Conco said, “Our Counselors already have begun using the online “New Student Orientation,” and are finding it to be a very effective way for students to get up-to-date information on varied policies, procedures, and programs of the College…all at the click of a mouse!”
This tool was built through internal resources. Students and Faculty served as the actors and production was done without hiring a major firm. “We have very talented Faculty, Staff, and Students. This product is even more engaging as we did it using our own team,” added Dr. Conco.