PDCCC Expands its Sustainability Practices

Paul D. Camp Community College is going even greener! The College has begun development of an expanded sustainability initiative.


The goal is to reduce the carbon footprint of the College and to promote more environmentally friendly practices among Staff. Another important objective of the initiative is to engage the community in the College’s efforts to positively impact the environment.


“Colleges were some of the first places to widely adopt recycling, and today many have adopted even more green-friendly initiatives. And we want to do more to embrace the movement,” says Dr. Paul Conco, College President.

Following are several of the College’s sustainability priorities:


  • Conservation and waste reduction
    • This includes evaluating LED lighting, expanded temperature control processes, executing virtual signatures to cut down on paper usage.


  • Recycling, building recycling opportunities where possible for Faculty, Staff and students
    • This includes continuing our use of post-consumer recycling content and establishing paper and plastics recycling centers throughout our campuses and Center.


  • Enhanced education
    • We want to invest in professional academic and leadership training. We also wish to hold college-wide professional development in the area of sustainability. And our plan is to infuse sustainability concepts across the College’s curriculum.


“In 2007, we began an electricity and fuel saving plans, along with other VCCS Colleges. Through this project, we can calculate our electricity and fuel usage over time, going back to 2007. And to date, we’ve saved roughly $31,000 in energy costs due to our energy saving practices. In practical terms, through reduced energy usage, our efforts have had the cumulative effect of removing 293 cars from the road this year or the planting of 399 acres of trees,” added Dr. Conco.


For more information, visit www.pdc.edu.