PDCCC’s Upward Bound Students Build Wind Turbines

Kela Turner and Jeanetta Sessoms

Kela Turner of Southampton High School, from left, and Jeanetta Sessoms of Franklin High School prepare to demonstrate their project.

Students participating in the Upward Bound summer program at Paul D. Camp Community College were presented a wind turbine challenge by associate professor of electricity/electrical Mike Forrest.


“The students were put into groups of three and given instructions to build a wind turbine that could lift 3 kilograms of weight one meter high,” explained Upward Bound Director Travis Parker. A fan blew from one meter away when the students demonstrated the results of their turbines. Nine different groups participated.


“One wind turbine lifted 5 kilograms, another lifted 200 kilograms and another 250,” said Parker.


The Upward Bound program includes this six-week educational summer session that is held on the Franklin Campus. For more information, visit http://www.pdc.edu/future-students/upward-bound/


Jamaal Tillery and Ellis Cofield

PDCCC's Mike Forrest waits to see how the wind turbine built by Jamaal Tillery and Ellis “Trey” Cofield works. Both students are from Southampton High School.