Presidential Student Ambassadors Selected for 2014-2015 School Year at Paul D. Camp Community College

PDCCC Student Ambassador Group

From left: Brandy Main of Suffolk, Deanie Robertson of Courtland, College President Paul Wm. Conco, Ph. D., Amber Ballance of Zuni, Wanda Olden of Suffolk, Pamela Reid of Suffolk, Debra Bailey of Gates, NC, Michelle Chess of Suffolk, Public Relations Specialist Wendy Harrison and Allie Best of Franklin. Not pictured are: Jacob Bradshaw of Carrsville, Brittany Eley of Windsor, Taylor Felts of Franklin, Jennifer Massaroni-Bernocco of Capron, Tracy Morales of Carrollton and Vice President of Institutional Advancement Felicia Blow.

Paul D. Camp Community College announces its 2014-15 Presidential Student Ambassadors. The following have been selected to serve:

  • Debra Bailey (Gates, NC)
  • Amber Ballance (Zuni)
  • Allie Best (Franklin)
  • Jacob Bradshaw (Carrsville)
  • Michelle Chess (Suffolk)
  • Brittany Eley (Windsor)
  • Taylor Felts (Franklin)
  • Brandy Main (Suffolk)
  • Jennifer Massaroni-Bernocco (Capron)
  • Tracy Morales (Carrollton)
  • Wanda Olden (Suffolk)
  • Pamela Reid (Suffolk)
  • Deanie Robertson (Courtland)

“It’s truly an honor to be selected for this auspicious group. These students should be very proud of this distinction,” said Felicia Blow, Vice President of Institutional Advancement.
The Presidential Student Ambassador Program is designed to support the President and the Office of Institutional Advancement in the positive promotion of Paul D. Camp Community College. The Student Ambassador team consists of a small group of students who volunteer to serve as student representatives of the College before a variety of important constituent groups. Student Ambassadors are enthusiastic individuals who enjoy meeting new people. They are interested in enhancing the reputation of the College.
Responsibilities of Presidential Student Ambassadors are varied. Students from this core group may be invited to attend social functions, meet with legislators, and speak about student life to varied audiences. Other responsibilities include participation in the following:

  • Presidential Meetings
  • Commencement
  • Fundraisers
  • Donor meetings
  • General Assembly Session in Richmond, VA

For more information, contact the Office of Institutional Advancement at 757.569.6792.