Reception Honors Donors

Kermit Hobbs and Samuel GlasscockBoard members Kermit Hobbs and Samuel Glasscock chat during the 40/7 Reception.

Nearly 50 participants gathered for a recent reception at Paul D. Camp Community College that aimed to thank donors for their generous contributions that allowed the college to set up an endowed scholarship.
“As my dad always said, ‘True generosity is planting a tree under which you will never sit,” Dr. Paul Wm. Conco, college president, shared during his brief remarks.
The funds for the scholarship were contributed to the 40/7 Society, created by the PDCCC Foundation in a commemorative effort to celebrate the college’s 40th anniversary and the inauguration of its seventh president in fall 2011.
Approximately 60 donors enabled the scholarship to be endowed for $15,000. The scholarship will be offered in fall each year to pay for one course for a non-traditional, part-time student who takes evening classes at the college and is need of financial assistance.
“Education creates opportunity and that’s what you have done for someone,” Conco said. “Year after year, this endowed scholarship will continue to make a difference in someone’s life.”
Donors will be recognized on a Giving Tree, a permanent plaque with 40/7 Society donor names inscribed on the leaves. It will be displayed at the Franklin PDCCC Campus.
To learn more about the Foundation or to make a donation, contact Felicia Blow at  or  Laura Clark at You may also log onto
Felicia Blow, Jessie Hobbs, Dr. Paul Wm. ConcoAdministrative Assistant Jessie Hobbs, center, looks at the Giving Tree presented by Vice President for Institutional Advancement/Executive Director of the PDCCC Foundation Felicia Blow and President Dr. Paul Wm. Conco.