Smithfield Foods & Smithfield Packing Make $330,000 Major Gift to Paul D. Camp Community College

PDCCC Tim Schellpeper, Larry Pope, Paul Wm. Conco, Felicia Blow and John Alexander Mann III

From left to right: Tim Schellpeper, Larry Pope, Paul Wm. Conco, Felicia Blow and John Alexander Mann III.

Smithfield Foods President and Chief Operating Officer, C. Larry Pope, has announced that the company will make a $330,000 gift to Paul D. Camp Community College. The announcement was made at a recent event to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of the Workforce Development Center at which Mr. Pope served as the keynote speaker.
Mr. Pope said, “I lived in the Franklin area for part of my youth, and I know how important the College is to the educational and economic vitality of the region. We are thrilled to partner with Paul D. Camp with this major gift.” Mr. Pope also serves as the College’s Major Gift Campaign Honorary Chair.
College President Dr. Paul Wm. Conco said, “We are simply elated about this gift from Smithfield Foods and Smithfield Packing. These dollars will be used to change lives and make incredible differences in this region and for Paul D. Camp Community College students. Through this major gift, the College can continue to provide relevant programs for regional workforce training and education.”
Funding will be used to build an ongoing collaboration between the College and Smithfield Packing. Mr. Tim Schellpeper, President of Smithfield Packing, Inc. and Foundation Board member, said, “This gift will be the start of very important work in the region. Not only will it benefit the College, but our company will see tremendous operational opportunities as a result. This is a great time in the life of the College, and I’m proud to be part of this special time.”
Specific elements of this collaboration include, but are not be limited to:

  • Development of a skilled technicians program through the Workforce Development Center
  • Creation of a specialized “Technology Center” at the Workforce Development Center
  • Establishment of scholarships to support the educational attainment goals of students
  • Development of a sustainability initiative that supports the vision of Smithfield Foods

College Foundation President John Alexander Mann, III, said, “This gifts means a great deal to us. The fact that Tim is a Foundation Board member makes this effort even more gratifying. We truly believe that through the collaboration between the College and the Smithfield companies, we will ensure the readi¬ness of our citizens to engage in up-to-date industry work stan¬dards.”
The corporate gift from Smithfield Foods and Smithfield Packing has come at a critical time. The College is in the final phase of its Major Gifts Campaign. The campaign will end in the summer of 2013, and the College is working to ensure that funding is finalized in efforts to reach its $3 million goal.
Vice President for Institutional Advancement and the College’s Foundation Executive Director Felicia Blow said, “Our Major Gifts Campaign will fund three important areas. The campaign will create ‘high-need’ academic and workforce programs and will increase ‘student access’ through scholarships and financial aid. It also will help us implement new technology to enhance instructional effectiveness.”
“We want to keep tuitions low, while keeping access high. We also want to ensure that our Faculty and Staff have the best available resources to meet student needs. With this being the College’s first major gifts campaign, we are very excited to be near to our goal,” she added.