Campus Conversations

Chancellor’s College Success Coach Initiative
Students Transitioning through Education Programs Successfully – (S.T.E.P.S.)

Presented by Sandra Walker

Session location: Room 104 (unless otherwise announced)
Daytime sessions: Thursdays from 11:30 a.m. – 12:00 noon
Classroom and evening sessions: Offered by request of faculty

Campus Conversations
Date Topic
08/25/14 – 08/29/14 Welcome Back Week!
09/04/14 Community Resources and Get Connected:
Who is Who on Campus?
09/11/14 Study Skills 101
09/18/14 Time Management:
24 hours – Get it Done in One!
09/25/14 The New Library Commons
02/13/14 Peer to Peer Mentoring
10/02/14 Session 1: Scholarships & Financial Aid:
Show Me the Money!
10/09/14 Session 2: Scholarships & Financial Aid:
Show Me the Money!
10/16/14 Careers… Start Planning Now!
10/23/14 TBA (Speaker)
10/30/14 Healthy Living
11/06/14 Community Service Project: Pay it forward!
11/13/14 Stress Management
11/20/14 Feedback Forum – How are we doing?
12/04/14 Pre-Exam Jam!

For more information on the sessions offered view the postings around campus or contact

Ms. Sandra Walker, College Success Coach – Hobbs Suffolk Campus
Phone: 757.925.6326
Office: Room 112D

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