Wavy News Anchor Speaks to Upward Bound Students

Don Roberts Upward Bound Group Photo
By Frank Davis/Contributing Writer
The Tidewater News

Students of the Paul D. Camp Community College Upward Bound summer session were treated to a very special guest on Thursday, July 10. Don Roberts, news anchor of the morning news program of Wavy TV 10 was present to speak with the group at the Technology Theater at the Regional Workforce Center. The group was composed of students from Franklin, Southampton and Lakeland high schools.

Roberts, during his lively, educational and motivating address to the students, spoke about his daily routine from getting up very early in the morning to preparing for his daily news programs on Wavy 10. He stressed his love of TV and the importance of the image that he creates for others as a mole model.

Roberts addressed the need to have quiet time to help calm him at the end of the day. During his quiet time Roberts became inspired to write. He read several excerpts from his latest book, “Hey Daddy Read This.”
In this book was a collection of statements that people have written to express their reactions to good and bad experiences they have had in their lives. Roberts spoke about the inspiration that his father had in his life and that he shaped him into the person he is today.

Using students from the audience, Roberts had one to hold a poster size photo of him at an early age with his father while two others held heavy bowling balls that represented choices and consequences that one makes in life. He used this demonstration to stress the importance of each decision made because they can have weighted life-long consequences. Roberts challenged the students to research what makes them special, as they discover their life’s purpose.