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Got Cabin Fever???

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Check out our Smithfield Cabin Fever Series starting in February!

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Sew Cool! Intro to Fashion Sewing

Dates:   Saturday, March 7, 2015

Times:                   9:00a – 12:00psewing machine logo

Ages:                      4th – 12th graders

Instructor:        Edna Rodgers

Tuition:                        $35

Using your creativity, a sewing machine and a little coaching, learn to make a customized tote bag and a delicious apron using basic sewing techniques that can lead to more elaborate creations. Beginners are welcome, and more experienced participants will be offered design options to spark their interests as well. All materials included.


Pi Day Celebration

Dates:   Saturday, March 14, 2015

Times:              9:00a – 12:00ppi logo

Ages:                4th –6th graders

Instructor:      Lisa Kardos

Tuition:                        $35

Put on your party hats! You’re invited to the best party ever! A once in a lifetime thrill!  It’s a Pi Day Party!  Celebrate this epic Pi Day, 3-14-15, by learning about pi, what is has to do with circles, making pi crafts and of course, eating some pie! Why is this Pi Day so awesome?  The number pi begins 3.1415926 and continues infinitely. This Pi Day (3-14-15) will not happen again for another 100 years! To make things even more exciting, it also happens to be Albert Einstein’s birthday. So in honor of his 136th birthday, we’ll just have to have some birthday cake.  Maybe, we should do that at exactly 9:26 (If you’re wondering why, look back at the digits of pi.)

All Classes will be held at the Smithfield Paul D. Camp College location. Registration materials will be available at our website, or by request by emailing us at You may also call us at 757.569.6700 with any questions you might have about Kids College in Smithfield!


APRIL 6-10!

kc logo no dateTo register for classes, select the Kids College Forms Link

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  1. Print all the Kids College registration forms located here at our website.
  2. Fill out all forms COMPLETELY.
  3. Scan/email forms to OR fax forms to 757.569.6055.
  4. Call us at 757.569.6700 to confirm we received your registration and to make your credit card payment over the phone.
  5. DON’T ATTEMPT TO REGISTER OR PAY AT THE SMITHFIELD CAMPUS.  Kids College registration  is handled by our Workforce Development Center in Franklin.
  6. And you’re done!

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