Southeast Virginia Logging Capacity Task Force

The Southeast Virginia Logging Capacity Task Force was formed in response to a shortage of logging capacity to meet the needs of new and expanding forest product industries in the area. The mission of the Task Force is to facilitate an increase in logging capacity by providing training and additional resources.

Southeast Virginia Logging Expo 2013 – June 7, 2013

Resource Links:
Department of Agriculture and Consumer Service
Guide to Threatened and Endangered Species on Private Lands In Virginia
Southeast Virginia Logger Survey Summary
Virginia Department of Transportation

Workforce Development Resource Links:
Opportunity, Inc.
Franklin Southampton Economic Development is a partner and a board member of Opportunity, Inc. Opportunity, Inc. is a workforce development organization formed to address the region’s needs with employers’ demands on both quantity of labor force and skill levels to support a growing economy.

Paul D. Camp Career Development Center
The goal of the Paul D. Camp Community College Career Development Center is to support and guide students through career discovery to employment. This work is accomplished through a broad array of programs and services that focus on student’s individual needs, empowering them to make informed career and educational decisions. Activities of the Career Development Center include: assisting students  in exploring careers and college programs; locating  internships; helping students and alumni prepare for  job searches and successful interviews.

City of Suffolk Workforce Development Center
The City of Suffolk Workforce Development Center’s mission is to assist our citizens with the resources necessary to promote a more meaningful and productive way of life.The Center has partnered with many other agencies to create a one-stop facility to meet the needs of our citizens and our business community. Our goals include connecting potential students with training and education, school grants, federal grant funded training (when available) and tuition assistance. The Center endeavors to match job seekers with employers. Training for skills and certifications may be offered to qualified candidates.

Virginia Employment Commission
Franklin Southampton Economic Development regularly collects employment information from the Virginia Employment Commission (VEC). VEC provides a wide variety of no-fee services to employers, including exposure of job vacancies, recruitment assistance, labor market information, tax credit information, and many more.  VEC also provides employment assistance for those looking for work.

For more information call the Workforce Development Office at 757.569.6050.