A Dose of Reality


Reality Fair participants

Students at Franklin High School got a reality check recently during a special event coordinated with Bronco Federal Credit Union.


The Reality Fair featured tables— each representing a life issue, such as food, clothing, rent/mortgage, etc., according to Olivia Crawley, PDCCC Career Coach for King’s Fork and Franklin high schools. Students were assigned marital status, job income and number of children. Then the students visited each table to make the purchases they needed. Those who were depleted of funds had to get a part-time job.


“There were even some who ran out of money with the extra job,” said Crawley. “Some realized that they had to downsize from a big car to a small car, or even use public transportation, while others had to spend less on entertainment by renting videos and making popcorn at home. It was a real eye opener for many of the students.”


Pictured above with Crawley, who ran the booth symbolizing leisure time, entertainment and vacations, are Demetri Wiggins, left, and Latrell J. Lane, both of Franklin.