Institutional Effectiveness

Any venture in higher education planning should be research based and data driven. PDCCC assesses effectiveness by measuring and reporting on outcomes related to the college’s mission statement. The office provides information and analytical support for use in the college’s planning process and for use in management decision-making.

The Office conducts studies and maintains information on topics such as service area demographics, enrollment, characteristics of professional staff, productivity, degrees awarded, retention, and other areas of interest. The office is also responsible for compiling and filling reports required by government agencies.

The college focuses continually on institutional effectiveness with emphasis on accountability, assessment, and good management practices. All program assessments are done in accordance with its Student Outcomes Assessment Plan and Program Review Calendar.

To support the planning function of the college, a number of reports and studies are done on a regular basis. These reports serve as a launch pad for annual planning and the budgetary process.

Below are some of our most recent reports and studies:

Institutional Effectiveness Report
Program Faculty–Section I
Administrative Support Services–Section II
Educational Support Services–Section III

VCCS Student-Success-Snapshots

Program Assessments and Review

Program Curriculum Maps

Program Productivity and Viability Reports

Fact Book

Dual Enrollments

Service Area

USDOE College Scorecard

Weldon Cooper Center

National Center for Educational Statistics