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PDCCC offers General Studies (AA&S General Studies and CERT General Education), and 61 other academic programs in seven meta-majors, or areas of study: Health Sciences; Administrative and Office Support; Education, Business and Management; Industrial Technology and Trades; Science, Technology, and Computing; and Public Safety.

In several areas, credentials are “stackable,” meaning that students can apply credits earned in one program to the credits required for the next certificate or degree. Contact a PDCCC dean or lead faculty with questions about Programs and Areas of Study.

Health Sciences

AAS Nursing (156)
CERT Practical Nursing Program (157)
CSC Pre-Nursing (221-156-02)
CSC Nurse Aide (221-157-04)
CSC Phlebotomy (221-151-02)
CSC Pharmacy Technician (221-190-08)
CSC Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT) (221-146-08)
CSC Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) (221-146-01)

Administrative and Office Support

AAS Administrative Support Technology (298)
AAS Administrative Support Technology – Word Information Processing (298-01)
AAS Administrative Support Technology – Medical Office Administrative Assistant (298-03)
CERT Clerical Studies (218)
CSC Word Processing Technician (221-298-13)
CSC Bookkeeping (221-212-03)
CSC Medical Office Administrative Assistant (221-285-89)*
CSC Medical Office Coder/Reimbursement Specialist (221-285-90)*


AA&S Education (624)
AAS Early Childhood Development (636)
CERT Early Childhood Development (632)
CSC Advanced Early Childhood (221-636-03)
CSC Early Childhood (221-636-01)
CSC Infant Toddler (221-636-05)

Business and Management

AA&S Business Administration (216)
AAS General Business Management (212-01)
AAS Marketing Management (212-04)
AAS Management – Hardware and Software Support (212-18)**
AAS Management -Computer Support Specialist (212-21)**
CSC Entrepreneurship in Small Business Management (221-212-10)
CSC Entrepreneurship in Small Business Management – Advanced (221-212-12)
CSC Leadership (221-212-13)
CSC Customer Service (221-251-19)
CSC General Business (221-208-14)
CSC Logistics Management (221-370-01)

Industrial Technology and Trades

AAS Industrial Technology (883)
AAS Industrial Technology – Electronic-Electrical (883-02)
AAS Industrial Technology – Electronic Controls (883-03)
CERT Electricity (942)
CSC Industrial Maintenance (221-990-00)
CSC Industrial/Residential Wiring (221-883-65)
CSC Practical Electrician (221-942-01)
CSC Practical Electrical Technician (221-942-02)
CSC Energy Technology (221-820-07)**
CSC Electrical Technology (221-981-15)
CSC Building Maintenance (221-903-11)
CSC Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) (221-903-10)
CSC General Welding (221-995-01)
CSC Professional Welder-Pipe (221-995-79)

Science, Technology, and Computing

AA&S General Studies – Computer Science (697-02)
AA&S Science (881)
AAS Mechatronics (736)
CSC Industrial Automation and Robotics (221-733-03)***
CSC Principles of Robotics (221-733-02)***
CSC Instrumentation (221-938-21)***
CSC Computer Support Specialist (221-299-09)
CSC Hardware and Software Support (221-299-21)
CSC Cybersecurity (221-732-09)
CSC Cybersecurity and Networking Foundations (221-732-08)
CSC Geographic Information Systems Technician (221-719-71)
– CSC Electronic Health Records System Engineering (221-285-78)*

Public Safety

AAS Administration of Justice – Corrections Science (400-01)
AAS Administration of Justice – Police Science (400-02)
CSC Foundations of Criminal Justice (221-400-45)

*See also Health Sciences
**See also Science, Technology, and Computing
***See also Industrial Technology and Trades