Proctoring Online Exams

The PDC Testing Center on the Franklin and Suffolk campuses offers proctoring services for students enrolled in distance learning courses. The majority of the students who require proctoring for online exams are SSDL who are enrolled in classes through Northern Virginia Community College (NVCC).

These proctoring services are not offered on a walk-in basis but are available to students who call two weeks before the exam is due. Procedures for SSDL students are listed below in a separate section. Procedures for students taking courses through PDC, other VCCS colleges, other four-year institutions, or schools require varying information.

The student must understand that contact information, school testing procedures, and pertinent identification are the responsibility of the student to meet the qualifications of this institution and the institution from which they are testing. The student must be prepared to provide the following:

  • Contact information for the instructor, email and telephone number
  • Contact information for a Testing Center if the testing is handled through the another school’s Testing Center rather than the instructor
  • Any forms the originating school’s Testing Center may require
  • PDC testing contact information for the student’s instructor or college’s Testing Center. The PDC contact information is as follows: