Shared Services for Distance Learning (SSDL)

The SSDL program is offered throughout all Virginia Community College System (VCCS) campuses. These courses originate from Northern Virginia Community College course offerings in the Extended Learning Institute (ELI). To review the course description of these courses, go to

These courses are asynchronous and delivered through the Blackboard distance learning delivery system. Community college students throughout Virginia may register for these courses, take these courses in the convenience of their own home, and access proctoring at their local VCCS testing center.

Paul D. Camp Community College’s Testing Center offers proctoring for required SSDL online tests and exams for students living within our service area.

Frequently Asked Questions for SSDL/ELI students:

Do all SSDL courses have exams?

  • Yes, all SSDL courses have exams. You will need to refer to your syllabus to determine test deadlines and when to schedule proctoring. Some instructors require a mid-term and final exam while other instructors may require several exams throughout the semester.

Should I make an appointment or is proctoring done on a walk-in basis?

  • Proctoring is not administered on a walk-in basis. Students should call the Testing Center approximately two weeks before the test is due to set up a proctoring time. If a student waits until the last minute, there is always the risk of a Test Administrator testing at another site or unavailable at the time you would desire.

Do I need to bring any information with me when I come to be proctored for my test?

  • Yes, you must bring your Exam Pass located in your course Blackboard website. This pass must have your name and student ID number on it. Be sure the Exam Pass is the correct pass for the test you will be having proctored.

    Secondly, you will need to bring picture identification from a government organization. Driver’s license, passport, VCCS student ID card, are examples of acceptable forms of identification.

What is the contact information for proctoring appointments or other Testing Center questions?

  • Franklin and Suffolk Campus
    Mary Ellen Gleason, Test Administrator
    8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m.