Bennie is Introduced to the ‘Family’

Mechelle Blunt

An open house was held by the PDCCC Nursing program to demonstrate the capabilities of a high-tech patient simulator funded by Franklin Southampton Charities.
The Sim Man 3G, named BENNIE Simms (Bringing Every Nurse New and Innovative Education) after Drs. Paul Wm. and Diana Conco submitted the suggestion during a contest held in February, provides interactive health training, according to Assistant Professor of Nursing Carol Wright.
“He can talk, cry, sweat and breathe,” she said. “He is equipped with lung, abdominal and heart sounds, and pulses all over his body.”
During one of the demonstrations, Mechelle Blunt, student activities coordinator, above, administers oxygen to the “patient” during one of the open house sessions.
Susan Francis, administrative assistant with the Upward Bound program, below photo from left, and Blunt listen to Wright’s instructions on how to take Bennie’s pulse.