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College Catalog: About The College: Governance

PDCCC and the other 22 colleges in the Virginia Community College System (VCCS) are governed by a 15 member State Board for Community Colleges, which is responsible for assuring funding and quality programs are available for all sections of the state. The VCCS Chancellor is the legally appointed head of the VCCS. The President of each College serves as its Chief Executive Officer. Each College also has a Local College Board to represent the region served by each college.

2017 State Board for Community College
Virginia Community College System

James Cuthbertson, Chair
Eleanor Saslaw, Vice Chair
Carolyn Berkowitz
Nathaniel Bishop
Thomas Brewster
David E. Broder
Benita Thompson Byas
Darren Connor
Idalia Fernandez
Douglas M. Garcia
Susan Tinsley Gooden
William C. Hall Jr.
Joseph Smiddy, M.D.
Senator Walter Stosch
Robin Sullenberger

Virginia Community College System
Glenn Dubois, Ph.D.

2017 Paul D. Camp Community College Local Board

June Fleming, Chair
City of Franklin

Kermit Hobbs, Chair-Elect
City of Suffolk

Dr. Daniel Lufkin
PDCCC President
Secretary to the Board

Richard Brooks
City of Suffolk

Roderick Hallum
Isle of Wight County

Asa Johnson
City of Franklin

Lynn Jones
Isle of Wight County

Philip H. Page, Jr.
City of Franklin

Patricia Sowell
Isle of Wight County

P. E. James R. Strozier
Southampton County

Kisha P. Watford
Southampton County

Syretha Wright
Southampton County

Dr. Davida M. Harrell-Williams
City of Suffolk

Dr. Charles Sanders
City of Suffolk