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College Catalog: Business and Management: General Business

Program: General Business
Award: Career Studies Certificate
Plan Code: 221-208-14
Length: 16 credits
One/two semester (s) for full-time students; variable for part-time students.
Lead Faculty: Joe Edenfield

Purpose: The career studies certificate program in General Business is designed to prepare students for employment in business and to upgrade skills for individuals already employed in business professions.

Occupational Objectives: Sales Representatives, Sales Managers, Department Managers, Marketing Managers, Supervisor, Personnel, Generalist, Administrative Assistant, Human Resources Analyst Bookkeeper, Independent Shop Owner/Manager

Student Learning Outcomes: Upon successful completion of this program, graduates will be able to:

  • Demonstrate oral and written presentation skills unique in the business community
  • Apply leadership, ethical standards, and team building skills
  • Demonstrate the ability to use technology in analyzing and solving business problems
  • Use basic computation skills to analyze and solve business problems

Admission Requirements: In addition to the General Admission requirements of the College, entry into the Management curriculum requires proficiency (as determined by required Admissions testing) in basic arithmetic and English. Students who after testing are not proficient in both these subjects will be required to correct and strengthen their deficiencies in any/all developmental courses before they are permitted to enroll in any Management program courses (BUS & MKT) Course

General Business CSC (221-208-14)
Required Courses and Credits
BUS 100 Introduction to Business 3
MKT 100 Principles of Marketing 3
ECO 120 Survey of Economics 3
AST 147 Introduction to Presentation Software 1
BUS 200 Principles of Management 3
MKT 220 Principles of Advertising 3
Total Program Credits 16