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College Catalog: Education: Early Childhood Development

Program: Early Childhood Development
Award: Certificate
Plan Code: 632
Length: 31 credit hours; the program is designed for both full-time and part-time students. Length may vary.
Lead Faculty: Antoinette (Toni) Johnson

Purpose: The Early Childhood Development Certificate is designed to prepare individuals for employment in the care, direction, and education of young children. Individuals already employed in the childcare area may upgrade and expand their skills and training through this program.

Occupational Objectives:
Upon completion of the Early Childhood Certificate, graduates possess the knowledge and skills required for entry into Early Childhood Educational facilities such as, Head Start and Early Head Start programs, family day care homes, and preschool programs.

Program Student Learning Outcomes:
Upon successful completion of the program, students will be able to:

  • Recognize the stages of early childhood development.
  • Illustrate developmentally appropriate techniques and methods for encouraging the development of language, literacy, math, science and social studies.
  • Utilize the arts and other creative developmentally appropriate activities for young children.
  • Use developmentally appropriate practices to plan activities to stimulate the logical thinking skills in children

Admission Requirements: In addition to the general admission requirements of the College, entry into the Early Childhood Development Certificate curriculum requires proficiency in reading, basic arithmetic, standard written English, and computer usage as measured by the placement tests offered at the College. Students who are not proficiencies must correct their deficiencies through developmental courses or the needed computer courses (i.e. ITE 101 and115).

Program Requirements: Students are advised that the Code of Virginia restrict who may legally provide childcare in Virginia. Most agencies require a criminal background check through the Virginia State Police Department and a child abuse or neglect check through the Virginia Department of Social Services before employment involving contact with young children. In addition, some childcare facilities and schools may require proof of specific vaccinations and health related tests for students to complete their supervised workplace experiences.

Candidates for the Early Childhood Development Certificate must successfully complete all required courses, must earn a minimum grade of “C” in all CHD courses, and must complete a minimum of 20 hours of observation and/or direct involvement with young children in an early childhood educational facility.

Early Childhood Development (632)
Required Courses and Credits
Sample Schedule
Fall Term
CHD 120 Introduction to Early Childhood Education 3
PSY 230 Developmental Psychology 3
CHD 145 Teaching Art, Music, and Movement to Children 3
CHD 205 Guiding the Behavior of Children 3
ENG 111 College Composition I 3
SDV 100 College Success Skills 1
Total Semester Credits 16
Spring Term
CHD 165 Observation and Participation in
Early Childhood/Primary Settings
EDU 235 Health, Safety, and Nutrition 3
CHD 146 Math, Science and Social Studies for Children 3
CHD 216 Early Childhood Programs, Schools, and Social Change 3
CHD 118 Language Arts for Young Children 3
Total Semester Credits 15
Total Required Credits 31