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College Catalog: Grading and Academic Standing: Academic Renewal Policy

Students are eligible for renewal if they have had a minimum of a 60–month gap in enrollment; and they have then completed at least 12 credit hours with a minimum 2.5 GPA during their period of re-enrollment. Academic renewal cannot be granted effective prior to Summer 1994; however, the first term of the qualifying re-enrollment period can occur prior to Summer 1994. The student must be enrolled in a term equal to or greater than Summer 1994. Although grades of “D” are forgiven and extracted from the calculation of the GPA for academic purposes, financial aid will not pay again for classes completed with a passing grade, due to the Repeat Policy. Also grades of “D”, “F”, and all repeated courses are counted in the calculations for the Satisfactory Academic Progress. Once academic renewal is granted, all “D” and “F” grades received prior to the first term of re-enrollment are forgiven. The hours attempted, hours completed, and grade points for those classes are adjusted out of the student’s cumulative totals and a new cumulative GPA is calculated. Academic renewal can be granted only once; and once granted, it cannot be revoked. Academic transcripts will show “( )”around all grades that have been forgiven as part of renewal. Any “D” course that has been forgiven cannot be used to satisfy curriculum requirements.