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Paul D Camp Community College Hobbs Suffolk Campus will be closed Saturday, April 27, 2019

Dominion Energy will be performing repairs to a transformer located on the Suffolk Hobbs Campus Saturday April 27.

Power is expected to be shut down at the campus from 8:00 AM to Noon if the repairs go as planned.

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College Catalog: Industrial Technology and Trades: General Welding

Program: General Welding
Award: Career Studies Certificate
Plan Code: 221-995-01
Length: 16 credit hours, 2 semesters
Program Head: Steven Street

Gainful Employment Disclosure Information: Please see www.pdc.edu/future-students/gainful-employment/ to access gainful employment information for this program.

Purpose: This program provides students with training in the basic principles and hands-on skills in various welding disciplines including SMAW, GMAW and GTAW. Students are introduced to various types of processes, equipment and materials.

Occupational Objectives: Upon completion of this program, graduates possess the knowledge and skills required for entry in a number of industrial welding environments such as shipyards, manufacturing firms and utilities.

Student Learning Outcomes: Upon successful completion of this program, graduates will demonstrate proficiency in SMAW, GMAW and GTAW welding processes and will safely perform welding techniques using fillers, wires, fluxes and gases. AWS certification is available at an additional cost.

Admission Requirements: Students must meet the general admission requirements established by the College. Placement testing is not required.

General Welding (221-995-01)
Required Courses and Credits
2 Semester Program
Program Schedule
Location PDC Franklin
Fall Semester (Evening) and Spring Semester (Morning)
WEL 100 Fundamentals of Welding 3
WEL 123 Arc Welding (SMAW) I 3
WEL 124 Arc Welding (SMAW) II 3
Total Semester Credits 9
Fall Semester (Morning) and Spring Semester (Evening)
WEL 135 Inert Gas Welding I (GMAW, FCAW, GTAW) 2
WEL 136 Inert Gas II (GMAW, FCAW, GTAW) 2
WEL 141 Qualification Test I 3
Total Semester Credits 7
Total Program Credits 16