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College Catalog: Industrial Technology and Trades: Industrial Maintenance

Program: Industrial Maintenance
Award: Career Studies Certificate
Plan Code: 221-990-00
Length: 28 credit hours, two (2) semesters
Lead Faculty: Steven Street

Purpose: The Career Studies Certificate – Industrial Maintenance is designed to provide students basic skills in the field of general industrial maintenance and repair. The student will develop skills through theory and a hands-on approach to learning.

Occupational Objective: Maintenance Mechanic, Industrial Maintenance Technician

Admission Requirements: Students must meet the general admission requirements established by the College.

Industrial Maintenance
Required Courses and Credits
Location – Franklin
Fall Semester
AIR 111 Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Control 3
AIR 121 Air Conditioning & Refrigeration I 3
DRF 175 Schematics and Mechanical Diagrams 2
IND 165 Principles of Industrial Technology 4
ETR 113 DC and AC Fundamentals 4
Total Semester Credits 16
Spring Semester
IND 137 Team Concepts 3
ENG 131 Technical Report Writing I 3
SAF 126 Principles of Industrial Safety 3
MTH 111 Basic Technical Mathematics 3
Total Semester Credits 12
Total Program Credits 28